Esfandiar Maasoumi

Economic wisdom

One reason that economics is such a popular major at Emory can be traced to Esfandiar (Essie) Maasoumi. The Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Economics is an expert in econometrics, a field that applies statistical and quantitative analysis to economics. Recently, world-renowned scholars convened at Emory, including Nobel Laureate James Heckman of the University of Chicago, who gave the keynote address at a conference honoring Maasoumi. In addition, scholars at Yale University and the University of California-Riverside are preparing a tribute issue of Econometric Reviews, a leading journal edited by Maasoumi. "Numbers, models, and data shape and define impressions," Maasoumi says. "But numbers don't tell the whole story. Math and statistics are essential, but they are no substitute for wisdom."