Annual Information for All-Funds Budget

Budget Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Total Expenses

 BudgetPercent of total
Total$5.6 billion100
Emory University$2.1 billion37.3
Emory Healthcare$3.5 billion (estimated)62.7

Academic Expenses

 Percent of $2.1 billion
Emory College17.3
Oxford College2.6
School of Business5.9
Graduate School6.4
School of Law3.3
School of Medicine36.6
School of Nursing2.5
School of Public Health7.1
School of Theology1.4
Academic and Administrative Support13.1

Unrestricted Operating Budget
Fiscal Year 2018 - 2019

Income Budget

 Percent of $1.2 billion
Tuition and Fees62.7
Indirect Cost Recovery11.8
Endowment and Trust Income8.0
Other Revenue2.3
EHC Clinical Investment5.9
Independent Operations2.1

Operating Expenses

 Percent of $1.2 billion
Staff and Student Salaries and Wages30.2
Financial Aid22.6
Faculty Salaries15.5
General Operating Expenses12.5
Employee Benefits11.6