Charles Howard Candler Professors

The Charles Howard Candler professorships honor senior scholars who have shown outstanding teaching ability and productive scholarship in one or more fields of learning, and who have further distinguished themselves through long and substantial service to the university and in furthering the cause of higher education.

Charles Howard Candler, an 1898 Emory College alumnus, served as chair of Emory's Board of Trustees for nearly 30 years. He helped bring the university through the Great Depression and World War II.

The awards are funded through an endowment established by the board and sponsored by Candler's widow, Flora Glenn Candler.

Faculty Honored as Charles Howard Candler Professors

Rafi Ahmed School of Medicine Microbiology and Immunology
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im School of Law Law
Rama R. Amara School of Medicine Microbiology and Immunology
Carol Anderson Emory College African American Studies
Susan Youngblood Ashmore Oxford College History
Kenneth E. Carter Oxford College Psychology
Tom Clark Emory College Political Science
Morgan Cloud School of Law Law
Frans de Waal Emory College Psychology
Ralph J. DiClemente School of Public Health Public Health
Marshall P. Duke Emory College Psychology
Sandra B. Dunbar School of Nursing Nursing
David Edwards Emory College Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience
Michael Elliott Dean | Emory College English
Richard Freer School of Law Law
Carole L. Hahn Emory College Educational Studies
Carl R. Holladay School of Theology New Testament
Michael J. Kuhar School of Medicine Pharmacology
Michelle Lampl Emory College Anthropology
Richard M. Levinson School of Public Health Public Health
Fredric M. Menger Emory College Chemistry
Carol A. Newsom School of Theology Old Testament
Robert A. Paul Emory College Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies
Bali Pulendran School of Medicine Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Juan Rubio-Ramirez Emory College Economics
Phillip L. Reynolds School of Theology Medieval Christianity
Claire E. Sterk School of Public Health Public Health
Patrick S. Sullivan School of Public Health Public Health
Donald Phillip Verene Emory College Philosophy
Elaine Walker Emory College Psychology and Neurosciences
Stephen T. Warren School of Medicine Human Genetics
Kevin Young Emory College Creative Writing and English