Exemplary Teacher Award

The Exemplary Teacher Award, presented annually at Commencement, is a faculty honor supported by the United Methodist Church's General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

The selection criteria for the award include:

  • Demonstration of exceptional teaching
  • Recognized concern for students and colleagues, and sensitivity to the mission of the church-related university
  • A record of significant contributions to the scholarly life of the university
  • Commitment to high standards of professional and personal life

In support of Emory's belief that "the intellectual and social energy that results from diversity is a primary asset of the university," special consideration should be given to nominees that reflect this commitment to inclusiveness.

The Process

Nominations are solicited from the members of the university community early in the calendar year.

They should include a nomination letter highlighting the candidate's specific qualifications for this award, along with the nominee's CV, so that a final candidate for Emory may be identified. All nomination materials should be sent to Rebecca Nurse, Associate Director of Faculty Affairs.

Recipients of the Exemplary Teacher Award

Michelle Lampl Emory College Anthropology 2018
Carol Anderson Emory College African American Studies 2017
Nancy J. Thompson School of Public Health Behavioral Sciences and Health Education 2016
Thomas G. Long School of Theology Preaching 2015
Abdullahi An-Na’im School of Law Law 2014
Leslie Harris Emory College History 2013
Sarah B. Freeman School of Nursing Nursing 2012
David Lynn Emory College Chemistry 2011
E. Brooks Holifield School of Theology American Church History 2010
Martha Fineman School of Law Law 2009
Richard Freer School of Law Law 2008
Peter J. Brown Emory College Anthropology 2007
Frances Smith Foster Emory College English and Women's Studies 2006
James Fowler School of Theology Theology 2005
Laura Porter Kimble School of Nursing Nursing 2004
Lucas Carpenter Oxford College English 2003
Al L. Hartgraves School of Business Accounting 2002
Arthur Kellermann School of Medicine Emergency Medicine 2001
Walter Reed Emory College English 2000
Don E. Saliers School of Theology Theology 1999
George H. Jones Emory College Biology 1998
Elaine Walker Emory College Psychology 1997
Merle Black Emory College Political Science 1996
Harvey E. Klehr Emory College Political Science 1995
John Witte School of Law Law 1994
Richard M. Levinson School of Public Health Behavioral Sciences and Health Education 1993
Harold J. Berman School of Law Law 1992
Ulric Neisser Emory College Psychology 1991
John H. Stone School of Medicine Cardiology 1990
Frank A. Manley Emory College Creative Writing 1989
Albert Padwa Emory College Chemistry 1988
Carlos V. Rojas Emory College Spanish Literature 1987
Thomas R. Flynn Emory College Philosophy 1986
Dan T. Carter Emory College History 1985
Floyd C. Watkins Emory College English 1984
William B. Dillingham Emory College English 1983
Arthur R. Evans Emory College Romance Languages 1982
William A. Beardslee School of Theology Religion 1981