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Thomas Jefferson Award


The Thomas Jefferson Award, presented each year at the commencement ceremony, provides the Emory University community the opportunity to honor a member of the faculty or staff for significant service through personal activities, influence and leadership. As specified by the original donor, the Robert Earl McConnell Foundation, the personal and professional qualities of the recipient should resemble those Thomas Jefferson considered essential to the intellectual, social and political advancement of society.

Selection Criteria

The recipient has traditionally been selected for service performed at the University over many years. The award recognizes personal and professional integrity as well as distinguished service in several of the following areas: (1) teaching, (2) research and scholarship, (3) non-academic accomplishments with students, (4) university advancement and development in relation to the entire university, or an area, school or division, (5) community or educational service on the local, state, national or international level.

Nomination Process

A letter is sent to the entire University inviting nominations. Any University employee may make a nomination by sending  an original letter of nomination and the nominee's CV or resume to Carol Flowers, Associate Director, Faculty Affairs. The deadline for 2013-2014 nominations is 5PM on Friday, February 21, 2014.

The selection committee, comprised of the previous five award recipients and chaired by the most recent honoree, reviews all nominations. The recipient is presented the award at the University Commencement ceremony.

Nominations are retained in active status for one year. The Office of the Provost coordinates the award process. For more information, contact Carol Flowers, 404-712-8704.

Recipients of the Thomas Jefferson Award

2014 Carlos del Rio
2013 Nadine Kaslow 2012 Peggy Barlett
2011 Dennis C. Liotta 2010 Rudolph P. Byrd
2009 W. Ronald Schuchard 2008 Rosemary Magee
2007 Melissa Maxcy Wade 2006 Frank Alexander
2005 Richard Levinson 2004 Thomas Burns
2003 Eleanor Main 2002 Irwin Hyatt
2001 Marshall Duke 2000 Jackie Irvine
1999 Harvey E. Klehr 1998 Robert L. DeHaan
1997 Billy E. Frye 1996 John R. Boring III
1995 George W. Brumley 1994 Jonas A. Shulman
1993 Donna J. Brogan 1992 Delores P. Aldridge
1991 Eugene J. Gangarosa 1990 William H. Murdy
1989 William Mallard 1988 James A. Bain
1987 -- 1986 J. Russell Major
1985 John M. Palms 1984 Herbert R. Karp
1983 John H. Stone 1982 Dora H. Skypek
1981 Jack S. Boozer 1980 Marella Walker
1979 Alfred E. Wilhelmi 1978 Robert H. Rohrer
1977 Charles T. Lester 1976 Arthur P. Richardson
1975 Judson C. Ward Jr. 1974 R.A. Day Jr.
1973 William H. Agnor 1972 Robert B. Platt
1971 George P. Cuttino 1970 Gregor Sebba
1968 Floyd C. Watkins 1967 William H. Jones
1966 Evangeline T. Papageorge 1965 E.H. Rece
1964 Edwin T. Martin 1963 William A. Strozier
1962 Woolford B. Baker -- --