Part C: Expectations, Resources, and Infrastructure for Faculty

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The Office of the Provost exists to advance Emory's scholarly community through excellence in research and teaching across the university and to support intellectual community and faculty distinction. The university provides infrastructure and resources to support faculty scholarship, teaching, and service. As we are an academic institution, it is expected that all faculty engage in these academic pursuits. This section of the Faculty Handbook outlines expectations as well as opportunities in scholarship, teaching, and service. Further, faculty development opportunities exist for faculty at all ranks and disciplines. Faculty should be familiar with both university-wide as well as unit wide programs for continued academic development. Emory prides itself on faculty participation and governance and thus looks to faculty for input on scholarly, teaching, and service activities and programs.

Each new faculty member is invited to attend an orientation session regarding university policies and benefits. Faculty members may elect to do this in person or online. More information about benefits is available at the Human Resources website. Further, the various schools and colleges offer orientations to new and junior faculty.

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