Part D: Selected University Policies Pertaining to Faculty

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Within this Faculty Handbook, many policies, procedures, practices, guidelines, and standards are referenced in Parts A and B. In Chapter 4, the Statement of Principles Governing Faculty Relationships, otherwise known as the "Gray Book," is provided in its entirety. In the sections below are additional descriptions and links to key university policies relevant to faculty. Some policies that are useful to faculty on a regular and frequent basis are reprinted in this handbook, but most are summarized or referenced with a web link to the full policy. This is not meant to be an exhaustive compilation of policies. Except for a few faculty policies that are contained in this handbook, a comprehensive description of Emory University policies is available at the Policies and Procedures website. Although this handbook is updated frequently, the policies website should be accessed for the current versions of all codified university policies. Further, each school and college has policies that are unique to its needs and faculty, and these are available at the school and college websites.

Faculty are responsible for becoming familiar with and complying with the policies of the university and of their schools and colleges. The members of the Office of the Provost, the Office of the General Counsel, and the deans' offices are available to assist faculty members on policy matters. Given that change is continual at Emory, when circumstances require assurance of completeness or validity of information, please consult the university or school office that is the authority on the particular matter, as well as the university policies website.

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