2020 Thematic Overviews

High-level findings by COACHE theme

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Nature of Work

Top 30%

Emory stands in the top 30% of national comparison institutions and ranks above all five peer institutions.


In most of Emory’s schools and colleges, faculty indicated the highest levels of satisfaction with teaching.


Emory trails peers in (1) time protected for research for post-tenure faculty, (2) faculty opinions about support for maintaining grants (particularly post-award), and (3) faculty views about the number of student advisees they have and the equity of distribution of advising responsibilities.

Resources and Support

Mixed Feedback

Satisfaction with leave policies, especially parental leave, varies across schools.

Caretaking support

Emory faculty report dissatisfaction with caretaking support.

HUGS Faculty Satisfaction

Levels of satisfaction for HUGS faculty are lower than non-HUGS faculty across the board in these areas.

Tenure and Promotion

Tenure Decisions

Emory faculty overwhelmingly agree that tenure decisions are performance based, exceeding all five peers and far exceeding the national average.

Tenure Clarity

Emory lags behind peers in reports of clarity of tenure expectations.

Expectations for Promotion

Overall, HUGS faculty disagree that expectations for promotion from associate to full professor are reasonable.

Senior, Divisional, Departmental, and Faculty Leadership

Top 30%

Leadership is an area of strength for Emory (top among peers and top 30% for the overall cohort).


For visible leadership in support of diversity, Emory scored in the top 30% among peers and the cohort for overall ratings.

Collegial Support for DEI

HUGS faculty report less agreement with the statement that colleagues support diversity and inclusion.

Shared Governance

Top 30%

Across every aspect of this area (trust, shared sense of purpose, understanding the issue at hand, adaptability, and productivity) Emory exceeds all five peer institutions and consistently ranks in the top 30% of institutions nationwide.

Shared Responsibility

Faculty are most satisfied with a shared sense of responsibility.

Reviewing Governance Effectiveness

Faculty are least satisfied with a regular review of the effectiveness of governance.

Departmental Collegiality, Engagement, and Quality

Quality of colleagues

“Quality of colleagues” was highly rated as among the best things about working at Emory.

Departmental Engagement

CRT faculty reported lower levels of departmental engagement.

Sense of Belonging

HUGS faculty and those identifying as women report lower levels of satisfaction with a sense of belonging and the quality of personal and professional interactions.

Appreciation and Recognition


At the aggregate level, Emory faculty report high levels of satisfaction with appreciation and recognition they receive at the university, leading among all peers.

Departmental Recognition

HUGS faculty and those identifying as women in the School of Medicine report less satisfaction with recognition received from their department chairs.

Interdisciplinary Work

Most faculty disagree that interdisciplinary work is rewarded in merit considerations.