Student Flourishing

Emory’s Student Flourishing Initiative builds on Emory's legacy of preparing students to think critically, act ethically, and work collaboratively. It goes even further to envision the positive impact to communities if we create a holistic experience for every student where they can prioritize their values, articulate their ambitions, and define their purpose.

The focus will be on three outcomes:

  • Purpose and Pathways that allow students to develop the capacity for reflection on questions of purpose and meaning.
  • Community Building to help students develop deeper, lasting relationships within a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Health and Well-Being to empower students to advocate for and manage their health and well-being at Emory and beyond

How will we do it?

Emory’s Student Flourishing Initiative will help students thrive by launching these pilot programs: 

  • New Pathways Center that integrates career services with other forms of mentorship and support.
  • Academic access to classes in all Emory schools and programs. 
  • First-year experiences and orientation enhancements that develop connections and build community.
  • Curricular and co-curricular improvements that prepare students for postgraduate success. 
  • Purpose coaching and faculty engagement to inspire curiosity and daring.
  • Community and alumni engagement to create purposeful and lasting relationships in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

What will flourishing look like?

Students will graduate from Emory with the unique advantage of being able to tackle complex problems by: 

  • Working collaboratively and resourcefully
  • Approaching questions with an entrepreneurial mindset 
  • Communicating effectively
  • Achieving digital literacy
  • Defining their own success 
  • Understanding the role of ethics, purpose, and meaning