American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, founded in 1780, is an independent policy research center advocating scholarship, civil dialogue, and useful knowledge. Elected members are leaders in the academic, business, and government sectors.

Members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

School | Unit
Year of Election
Jimmy Carter The Carter Center Distinguished Professor | Former U.S. President 1993
Max Cooper School of Medicine Immunology 1992
James Curran School of Public Health Epidemiology 2015
Mahlon DeLong School of Medicine Neurology 2009
Frans de Waal Emory College Psychology 2008
David Eltis Emory College History 2015
Shoshana Felman Emory College Comparative Literature and French 2010
Sander Gilman Emory College Psychology 2016
Carl Holladay School of Theology New Testament 2017
E. Brooks Holifield School of Theology American Church History 2011
Donald Hopkins The Carter Center Global Health 1997
Melvin Konner Emory College Anthropology 2016
Bruce Levin Emory College Biology 2004
Helen Mayberg School of Medicine Psychiatry 2017
Carol Newsom School of Theology Old Testament 2016
Ronald Schuchard Emory College English 2012
James W. Wagner Administration University President Emeritus 2009
Stephen Warren School of Medicine Human Genetics 2015
Carol Worthman Emory College Anthropology 2015
Kevin Young Emory College English and Creative Writing 2016
Larry Young School of Medicine Neuroscience 2014