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February 2014

The mysterious marginalia

Emory student Ted Parker and classics professor Garth Tissol have been pouring over the margin notes in the Kessler Reformation Collection. Find out what they found.

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How those assessments improve quality

David Jordan oversees the review of annual assessment reports from around campus. For him, it's all about offering the best academic programs we can.

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Meet the new Mellons: Nichole Phillips

The Mellon Foundation is enabling Emory to bring junior and midcareer faculty to foster an interdisciplinary approach to humanistic inquiries.

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"Our library has such outstanding archival collections and is one of the few libraries in the world to draw in undergraduates to use the materials. That should be a great tool for Emory in recruiting students."

- Ronald Schuchard, Goodrich White Professor of English emeritus and "The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot" general editor

On our radar: News from units in the Office of the Provost

Remembering the complexities of Mandela:

At a memorial for Nelson Mandela, the director of the Institute of Developing Nations expressed hope that his "legacy remains grounded in the complex man he truly was."

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Words for convocation and beyond:

"If we agree that something is worth having, we must invest in efforts to make it happen," Provost Claire Sterk said in her convocation address for Candler School of Theology.

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