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March 2016

The 'squishy' side of B2B

Business relationships fail more often than they succeed. Enter Sandy Jap, an expert in interorganizational relationships, whose research spans industries and organizations in both profit and nonprofit spaces.

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Teaching made new

Since 2011, the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE) has fostered interdisciplinarity by developing university courses that bring together faculty from at least three schools as well as undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to explore a major societal issue.

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Asking the big questions, in and out of class

A 10-minute walk from the Oxford College campus brings students to new kinds of lessons. There on an organic farm founded two years ago, they consider big issues around food. What goes into food production? Who has access to healthy food?

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"If we make our numbers but don't create a culture that values diversity, we will fall short of what we hope to accomplish."

- Provost Claire Sterk at a February In Dialogue session for faculty

On our radar: News from units in the Office of the Provost

Addressing inequality through business:

How can more and better market-based initiatives address many of the issues related to poverty and inequality? Peter Roberts, professor of organization and management and academic director of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta (SE@G), will consider that question at the March 17 Life of the Mind lecture.

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Invitation to an enlightened world:

Over four decades, child psychologist and photographer Alice Kandell visited regions of Tibet, Sikkim, and Ladakh to learn about the people there and their traditions. Beginning March 19, visitors to the Michael C. Carlos Museum can view the exquisite works of arts that she collected on her travels.

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