Lisa Tedesco

Promotion and Tenure

Standards for appointments at rank, for promotion, and for the grant of tenure reflect the expectations that a faculty holds of its members.

Promotion and tenure recognize a collective commitment to and responsibility for Emory's mission and vision by the university and its faculty. The university looks to its recognized faculty for continued leadership and service as well as new scholarship, teaching innovations, scientific breakthroughs, and quality care delivery.

The vice provost for academic affairs in the provost's office works with Emory’s schools and colleges to support tenure and promotion. The provost's office facilitates input from two related groups:

  • Academic Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees: Trustees who review candidates' files forwarded by the president and provost for consideration and who host an annual reception honoring newly tenured and promoted faculty
  • Presidential Advisory Committee: Senior faculty elected by each school's tenured faculty who review candidates' files in an advisory capacity, making recommendations to the president and provost

The tenure track features four titles:

  • Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Instructor

The non-tenure track includes a variety of titles, some of which are school-specific.

Contact: Rebecca Nurse, Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs

Consult these resources for details:

  • Faculty Handbook: Online resource about the university and its policies; the faculty and the administration produce this document | Faculty Council
  • Gray Book (PDF): Statement of principles governing faculty relationships with the university and standards regarding appointments, promotion, and tenure | Board of Trustees