Pamela Scully

Tenure and Promotion

Tenure and promotion recognize a collective commitment to and responsibility for Emory's mission and vision by the university and its faculty.

University Policies

The university policies governing tenure and promotion are outlined in this document:

Faculty may be nominated for tenure and/or promotion. Both the tenure and non-tenure tracks for faculty include a variety of titles. Some non-tenure track titles are school-specific.

The Process

The tenure and promotion process involves four sequential steps, outlined below. A nomination for tenure and/or promotion must be approved at each level to advance to the next point in the process.

1. Schools and Colleges

The tenure and promotion process originates in Emory's schools and colleges, each of which has its own guidelines and procedures. It is essential for faculty members to become familiar with their school's process and dossier requirements.

2. Presidential Advisory Committee

The Office of the Provost facilitates input from the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC), a panel of senior faculty members who review candidates' files in an advisory capacity and make recommendations to the president and provost.

3. University Administration

The provost and president review nominations for faculty promotions and make recommendations to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees.

4. Board of Trustees

The Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees reviews candidates' files forwarded by the president and provost for consideration. The committee makes its recommendations to the Board.

The final approving authority for tenure and promotion is the Board of Trustees.

Office of the Provost contact: Rebecca Nurse, Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs