TPAC Committee Members

The Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committee (TPAC) is responsible for conducting evaluation of all candidates who are nominated for appointment or promotion to associate professor or professor with tenure, or for the grant of tenure at rank, from all departments, if applicable, and from all of Emory's schools and colleges.

The committee ensures broad representation of academic areas through inclusion of eight school-based members elected by each school's tenured faculty and four at-large members elected by all tenured faculty.

TPAC Committee Members

Emory College Ellen Idler 2018 - 2021
Oxford College Susan Ashmore 2018 - 2021
School of Business Sandy Jap 2017 - 2020
School of Law Michael J. Perry 2017 - 2019
School of Medicine Malú Tansey 2017 - 2020
School of Nursing Elizabeth Corwin 2017 - 2019
School of Public Health Michelle C. Kegler 2017 - 2019
School of Theology Walter Wilson 2018 - 2021
At-large: Arts and Humanities Leslie Taylor 2017 - 2020
At-large: Behavioral and Social Sciences Nadine Kaslow | Chair 2017 - 2020
At-large: STEM and Health Sciences Laura Finzi 2018 - 2021
At-large: Unspecified Discipline Michael J. Owens 2017 - 2019

Ex Officio Members

Claire E. Sterk President
Dwight A. McBride Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Timothy Holbrook Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs