What does the provost do?

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Emory Suite 404.

Today we need to think long and hard before starting a new publication. None of us needs more clutter in our inbox. These are times of rapid change in academic life, not only on the national stage but also here at Emory. As we embrace the opportunities and challenges that economic realities, technologies, emerging research, and disruptive innovation bring to our campus, I wanted a regular way to share with our community some of the people, ideas, and strategies that are guiding Emory in this exciting time. This journal is meant to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at Emory's rich academic life.

I get many questions about what I do as provost, so we're starting with the basics in this first issue of the Suite. This video introduces you to the Office of the Provost. Our mission is to nurture the intellectual life at Emory, and that includes engaging and promoting our community of faculty, students, and staff. It also involves telling our stories.

That's where Emory Suite 404 comes in. We have no shortage of inspiring stories to tell from across the campus. You'll be reading about those here and in future issues, and we invite you to share your feedback with us at provost@emory.edu.

Happy reading,
Claire E. Sterk
Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs