Heather Mugg

Behind the scenes of student logistics

If you teach a class or give a test, apply to Emory or matriculate here, more than likely someone in enrollment services has helped you. This group also coordinates the university's calendar, delivers grades, and distributes financial aid.

"Students should be focused on academics and how they're going to change the world," says Mugg, associate vice provost of enrollment services. "They shouldn’t have to be distracted by cumbersome details." The idea behind enrollment services is to offer students a seamless experience with business-related logistics. At Emory, these services encompass a big bucket: undergraduate admission headed by John Latting, financial aid, the registrar's office led by JoAnn McKenzie, student information systems, and testing and evaluation.

While Mugg and colleagues in these five teams work behind the scenes, they are pivotal to the day-to-day experience for not only students but also faculty. "Rather than being an administrative hurdle, we want to partner with faculty and help them think through logistics as they roll out new programs."

One person's data multiplied by 14,000+ students and 3,000+ faculty members at nine schools equals a lot of details to keep straight. Organization comes naturally to Mugg, who came to Emory in 1999 to lead implementation of the Oracle/PeopleSoft Student System. She managed student services at the Goizueta Business School en route to leading enrollment services for the university.

Mugg's current to-do list includes a new strategic initiative for enrollment and more outreach by her division to Emory’s colleges and schools. "We try to make all of our decisions from the vantage point of the student experience," she says.