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Framing global engagement for impact

Imagine a global scholars program that would draw the most talented international students to Emory, supporting them in pursuit of their dreams and simultaneously elevating Emory's reputation on a worldwide stage. Such a program is becoming a reality with a new set of global strategies that have been a year in the making and involved university-wide input from hundreds.

"The idea behind the plan is to frame global engagement and impact so that we can highlight some areas of real strength and distinction for Emory," says Philip Wainwright, vice provost of international affairs. These priority areas include not only existing activity but also new initiatives planned for the next five years.

What the plan intentionally does not do is follow a kitchen sink approach. Leaders, administrators, faculty, staff, and students from across the university have helped identify key global strengths to allow Emory to make significant and measurable progress. It presents three goals: to equip students to meet the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly interconnected world; to lead and influence global scholarship, research, and teaching; and to position Emory as a university known for its global impact.

To help Emory realize those big goals, the plan homes in on specifics, such as developing country-based strategies in places where Emory has strength and potential for growth such as Brazil and India. Initiatives range from invigorating scholarship through the direct faculty exchanges to selecting worldwide partners to magnify and expand our global knowledge and activities. "Another way we hope to empower faculty is through development of teaching tools to support the education of international students," Wainwright says.