Mahlon DeLong

Worldwide recognition

On his public profile on LinkedIn, Mahlon DeLong describes himself simply as a "neurologist at Emory." In fact, the William Timmie Professor of Neurology is world-renowned for his pioneering work in deep brain stimulation to help patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). In the past year alone, two prestigious awards have come to him. The Lasker Foundation honored DeLong and French neurosurgeon Alim Benabid for their roles in developing a surgical technique that reduces tremor and restores motor function in patients with advanced PD; the treatment has proven to be effective for more than 100,000 individuals worldwide. DeLong also received the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences that came with a $3 million award, part of which he donated to support research in PD. He is one of many Emory faculty who have garnered major awards. To learn about others, visit our website's Awards and Accolades section.