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Golfer's legacy plays out in lives of students

The Bobby Jones scholarships at Emory honor the champion golfer and focus on character, integrity, and citizenship. During his college career, Jones Scholarship recipient Blake Mayes played out these values through facilitation of neighborhood planning as a Community Building and Social Change fellow and by mentoring new Emory scholars. The 2014 alumnus now studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Emory's partner in the Jones program, where he is researching economic ways to quantify social impact. A new exhibit from the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, "Bobby Jones: The Game of Life," is taking the story of Jones from Emory and St. Andrews campuses to a wider audience. "Jones and his values are still here and still present," says co-curator Randy Gue. "He had stature outside of the game because of his values. We're telling the compelling story of the lessons he learned and carried from the course into his life."