Major Honors

Discover Emory's current and emeritus faculty members recognized for extraordinary career contributions and achievements by national and international organizations.

The Academia Europaea, or Academy of Europe, is a nongovernmental association founded in 1988. Its member scientists and scholars work collectively to promote education and research.

Member of Academia Europaea
Craig L. HillEmory CollegeChemistry2013

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, founded in 1780, is an independent policy research center advocating scholarship, civil dialogue, and useful knowledge. Elected members are leaders in the academic, business, and government sectors.

Members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Rafi AhmedSchool of MedicineMicrobiology and Immunology2021
Carol AndersonEmory CollegeHistory2021
Jericho BrownEmory CollegeEnglish and Creative Writing2021
Jimmy CarterThe Carter CenterDistinguished Professor | Former US President1993
Max CooperSchool of MedicineImmunology1992
James CurranSchool of Public HealthEpidemiology2015
Mahlon DeLongSchool of MedicineNeurology2009
Frans de WaalEmory CollegePsychology2008
David EltisEmory CollegeHistory2015
Shoshana FelmanEmory CollegeComparative Literature and French2010
Sander GilmanEmory CollegePsychology2016
Sanjay GuptaSchool of MedicineEpidemiology2021
Carl HolladaySchool of TheologyNew Testament2017
E. Brooks HolifieldSchool of TheologyAmerican Church History2011
Donald HopkinsThe Carter CenterGlobal Health1997
Melvin KonnerEmory CollegeAnthropology2016
Bruce LevinEmory CollegeBiology2004
Helen MaybergSchool of MedicinePsychiatry2017
Carol NewsomSchool of TheologyOld Testament2016
Vanessa Siddle WalkerEmory CollegeEducation2021
Ronald SchuchardEmory CollegeEnglish2012
Claire E. SterkSchool of Public Health | Emory University President EmeritaPublic Health2019
James W. WagnerAdministration | Emory University President EmeritusEmory University President Emeritus2009
Stephen WarrenSchool of MedicineHuman Genetics2015
Carol WorthmanEmory CollegeAnthropology2015
Kevin YoungEmory CollegeEnglish and Creative Writing2016
Larry YoungSchool of MedicineNeuroscience2014

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, founded in 1848, is an international nonprofit seeking to advance science for the benefit of all people. Fellows are recognized for meritorious efforts to advance science or its applications.

Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Rafi AhmedSchool of MedicineImmunology2009
Wayne AlexanderSchool of MedicineCardiology1995
Jocelyne BachevalierEmory CollegeNeuroscience2008
Lawrence BarsalouEmory CollegePsychology2010
Jeremy M. BossSchool of MedicineMicrobiology and Immunology2014
Joel BowmanEmory CollegeChemistry2005
Xiaodong ChengSchool of MedicineBiochemistry2012
Max CooperSchool of MedicineImmunology1994
Richard D. CummingsSchool of MedicineBiochemistry2014
Huw DaviesEmory CollegeChemistry2012
Michael DavisSchool of MedicinePsychiatry1990
Mahlon DeLongSchool of MedicineNeurology1999
Ray DingledineSchool of MedicinePharmacology2003
Dale EdmondsonSchool of MedicineBiochemistry2008
Haian FuSchool of MedicinePharmacology2014
Randy A. HallSchool of MedicinePharmacology2014
H. Criss HartzellSchool of MedicineCell Biology2018
John R. HeplerSchool of MedicinePharmacology2014
Craig HillEmory CollegeChemistry2006
James HughesSchool of MedicineInfectious Diseases2001
Eric HunterSchool of MedicinePathology2002
Michael M.E. JohnsSchool of MedicineOtolaryngology1992
Fadlo R. KhuriSchool of MedicineHematology and Medical Oncology2014
Melvin KonnerEmory CollegeAnthropology1995
Michael J. KuharSchool of MedicineNeuropharmacology2018
Michelle LamplEmory CollegeAnthropology2010
Steven L'HernaultEmory CollegeBiology1990
Dennis LiottaEmory CollegeChemistry2002
John LucchesiEmory CollegeBiology1988
David LynnEmory CollegeChemistry2010
Pat MarstellerEmory CollegeBiology2014
Helen MaybergSchool of MedicinePsychiatry2013
Shuming NieSchool of MedicineBiomedical Engineering2012
Walter A. OrensteinSchool of MedicineMedicine and Pediatrics2017
Albert PadwaEmory CollegeOrganic Chemistry2007
Sidney PerkowitzEmory CollegePhysics2001
Harriet RobinsonSchool of MedicineMicrobiology and Immunology2007
Fred SanfilippoSchool of MedicinePathology2004
Raymond SchinaziSchool of MedicinePediatrics2020
Dong Moon ShinSchool of MedicineHematology and Medical Oncology2016
Donald SteinSchool of MedicineEmergency Medicine1985
David S. StephensSchool of MedicineMedicine2014
Stephen F. TraynelisSchool of MedicinePharmacology2014
Elaine F. WalkerEmory CollegePsychology and Neuroscience2018
Stephen WarrenSchool of MedicineHuman Genetics2020
Carol WorthmanEmory CollegeAnthropology2011
Shozo YokoyamaEmory CollegeBiology2004
Larry YoungSchool of MedicinePsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences2009
Stuart ZolaSchool of MedicineNeuroscience2009

The Breakthrough Prize honors important, primarily recent, achievements in the sciences. The recognition is accompanied by a $3 million award.

Recipient of the Breakthrough Prize
Mahlon DeLongSchool of MedicineNeurologyLife Sciences2014

The Académie des Sciences of the Institut de France, or Academy of Sciences of the Institute of France, was founded in 1666 and is committed to the advancement of science.

Member of the Académie des Sciences
Max CooperSchool of MedicineImmunology2017

The French Legion of Honor is an order of distinction first established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. It is the highest decoration bestowed in France and recognizes outstanding service to the French Republic.

Recipient of French Legion of Honor
Raymond SchinaziSchool of MedicinePediatrics2018

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, founded in 1953, promotes scientific research and education with a specific focus on areas including cell biology, structural biology, genetics, immunology, and neuroscience.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Stephen WarrenSchool of MedicineHuman Genetics1991–2002

Investigators receive long-term, flexible funding to provide freedom to explore their research ideas through to fruition. Those selected bring innovative approaches to research and are based at host institutions across the United States.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professors
Victor CorcesEmory CollegeBiology2006–2010
David LynnEmory CollegeChemistry2002–2006

Professors receive five-year grants and become permanent members of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute community. Those selected are accomplished research scientists pursuing innovative approaches to teaching.

The annual Japan Prize recognizes scientists and engineers who have made significant contributions to the advancement of science and technology that further the cause of peace and prosperity.

Recipient of Japan Prize
Max CooperSchool of MedicineImmunology2018

The Lasker Awards, among the most respected science prizes in the world, recognize the contributions of scientists, clinicians, and public servants making major advances in the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of human disease.

Recipients of the Lasker Awards
Max CooperSchool of MedicineImmunology2019
Mahlon DeLongSchool of MedicineNeurologyClinical Medical Research2014
William H. FoegeSchool of Public HealthGlobal HealthPublic Service2001

The National Academy of Education, founded in 1965, honors US members and foreign associates who are elected on the basis of outstanding scholarship related to education.

Member of National Academy of Education
Jacqueline IrvineEmory CollegeProfessor Emerita


Vanessa Siddle WalkerEmory CollegeAfrican American Studies


The National Academy of Engineering, founded in 1964, honors US members and foreign associates who are elected on the basis of outstanding scholarship related to education.

Members of National Academy of Education
President Gregory L. FenvesEmory UniversityStructural Engineering for Earthquakes2014
Susan MarguliesSchool of MedicineBiomedical Engineering2020

The National Academy of Inventors, a nonprofit organization founded in 2010, supports academic invention, technology, and innovation. Election as a fellow recognizes a spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating inventions making a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development, and society's welfare.

Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors
Rafi AhmedSchool of MedicineImmunology2018
Huw DaviesEmory CollegeChemistry2014
Jonathan J. LangbergSchool of MedicineCardiology2017
Jonathan S. LewinSchool of MedicineEmory Healthcare2019
Lanny LiebeskindEmory CollegeChemistry2020
Dennis LiottaEmory CollegeChemistry2013
John S. Lollar IIISchool of MedicinePediatrics2015
Helen MaybergSchool of MedicinePsychiatry2015
Barbara O. RothbaumSchool of MedicinePsychiatry2017
Raymond SchinaziSchool of MedicinePediatrics2012
David StephensSchool of MedicineEpidemiology, Microbiology and Immunology2013
James W. WagnerAdministrationEmory University President Emeritus2013

Membership in the National Academy of Medicine, formerly the Institute of Medicine, is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine, recognizing individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievements and commitment to service.

The Institute of Medicine (now the NAM) was established in 1970 under the charter of the National Academy of Sciences to advise the nation on medical and health issues. In 2015, the National Academy of Medicine joined the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering in the newly formed National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine ("the Academies").

Members of the National Academy of Medicine
Rafi AhmedSchool of MedicineImmunology2014
Ruth BerkelmanSchool of Public HealthEpidemiology2004
Otis BrawleySchool of MedicineHematology and Medical Oncology2015
Robert F. BreimanSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health2017
Claire BroomeSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health1996
Deborah W. BrunerSchool of NursingNursing2016
Max CooperSchool of MedicineImmunology1990
James CurranSchool of Public HealthEpidemiology1993
Mahlon DeLongSchool of MedicineNeurology2004
Carlos del RioSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health2013
Raymond DingledineSchool of MedicinePharmacology2010
William H. FoegeSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health1979
James GavinSchool of MedicineEndocrinology1996
Sanjay GuptaSchool of MedicineNeurology2019
Donald HopkinsThe Carter CenterGlobal Health1987
James HughesSchool of MedicineInfectious Diseases2002
Sherman A. JamesSchool of Public HealthEpidemiology2000
Denise J. JamiesonSchool of MedicineGynecology2020
Michael M.E. JohnsSchool of MedicineOtolaryngology1993
Luella KleinSchool of MedicineGynecology and Obstetrics1988
Keith KlugmanSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health2015
Jeff KoplanSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health1999
Chris LarsenSchool of MedicineSurgery2014
Allan I. LeveySchool of MedicineNeurology2017
Susan S. MarguliesSchool of MedicineBiomedical Engineering2020
Ricardo MartinezSchool of MedicineEmergency Medicine2004
Reynaldo MartorellSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health2002
Helen MaybergSchool of MedicinePsychology2008
Linda McCauleySchool of NursingEnvironmental and Occupational Health2008
K.M. Venkat NarayanSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health2016
Godfrey OakleySchool of Public HealthEpidemiology2003
Walter OrensteinSchool of MedicineInfectious Diseases2006
Mark RosenbergTask Force for Global HealthGlobal Health1995
Claire E. SterkSchool of Public HealthPublic Health2018
Barbara StollSchool of MedicinePediatrics2009
Stephen WarrenSchool of MedicineHuman Genetics2004

The National Academy of Sciences is a private, nonprofit society chartered by the US Congress in 1863 to provide independent, objective advice about science and technology. Members are elected in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.

In 2015, the National Academy of Sciences joined the National Academy of Medicine and the National Academy of Engineering in the newly formed National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine ("the Academies").

Members of the National Academy of Sciences
Rafi AhmedSchool of MedicineImmunology2009
Max CooperSchool of MedicineImmunology1998
Victor CorcesSchool of MedicineHuman Genetics2020
Frans de WaalEmory CollegePsychology2004
Bruce LevinEmory CollegeEvolutionary Biology2012
Stephen WarrenSchool of MedicineHuman Genetics2011

The Nobel Prize, a preeminent international honor, recognizes singular contributions in the fields of chemistry, economic sciences, literature, medicine, peace, and physics.

Nobel Laureates
Former US President Jimmy CarterThe Carter CenterPeace2002
His Holiness the XIV Dalai LamaEmory-Tibet PartnershipPeace1989

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, founded in 1857, is a nongovernmental, nationwide body that embraces all fields of learning.

Member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters
Ray DingledineSchool of MedicinePharmacology and Chemical Biology2018

The Peabody Awards recognize broadcast and digital storytelling that demonstrates "how media can defend the public interest, encourage empathy with others, and teach us to expand our understanding of the world around us."

Recipient of the Peabody Award
Hank KlibanoffEmory CollegeHistory2018

The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, recognizes "especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."

Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Former US President Jimmy CarterThe Carter Center1999
William H. FoegeSchool of Public Health2011

The Pulitzer Prizes, established by newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, recognize excellence in journalism and the arts with annual awards. 

Recipients of the Pulitzer Prize
Hank KlibanoffEmory CollegeHistory2007
Jericho BrownEmory CollegeEnglish and Creative Writing2020

The Royal Society of London, founded in 1660, is an independent academy that recognizes, promotes, and supports excellence in science and encourages the development and use of science for the benefit of humanity.

Member of the Royal Society of London
Max CooperSchool of MedicineImmunology2017