Spring Semester Message: Celebrating Progress toward One Emory

From the Provost's Desk

Spring Message Video Transcript

Hello! I'm Dwight McBride, Emory's Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

On September 5, 2018, President Sterk announced her bold vision for Emory's future at the launch of our strategic framework, One Emory: Engaged for Impact.

As we end this academic year, I can look back and see an impressive amount of progress, which has been made possible by you–our faculty, students, and staff–in your daily work of fulfilling our academic mission and advancing toward eminence as One Emory.

We have initiated new collaborations and strengthened existing relationships to build a culture of interdisciplinary connectivity in research and scholarship.

Our academic community continues to thrive and grow.

In partnership with deans, we have made key faculty hires that will help shape our departments and schools at a foundational level to offer the strongest research environments and graduate and undergraduate programs in the world.

We will welcome new faculty into a community where we have worked hard to recognize and honor our achievements and successes, instill a great sense of pride in our scholarship, and both recognize and celebrate our continued successes.

At the same time we have honored our faculty, we also celebrate their national and international recognition for exceptional achievements.

Ever mindful of how our allocation of resources must be in alignment with our strategic priorities, we have reexamined and adjusted our university budget and finance structure in order to optimize our resources and advance the academic mission.

We have been thoughtful about ensuring our faculty, students, and staff are positioned for success by investing in necessary infrastructure.

We have also invested in our people to ensure that the work we are doing is implemented effectively.

Finally, we have made strengthening our academic community an ongoing practice by convening faculty, students, and staff to build a culture of One Emory. We must constantly renew our academic community by gathering to learn, share, and grow together.

So, what's next?

I offer you my thanks and gratitude for approaching the work and scholarly pursuits that you are engaged in at Emory with eagerness, enthusiasm, and energy.

I also invite you to use this summer to reflect and envision your goals for the 2019–2020 school year. I want everyone to take the time to think about how your work impacts your fellow scholars, colleagues, and students.

We are on this journey together. We are One Emory.

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