New Faculty

The university encourages new faculty members to bring fresh approaches to the campus context of teaching, research, and service.

Emory anticipates that these ideas will help shape not only the university's own development but also the rapidly evolving field of higher education.


Laura Ackerman-BiegasiewiczAssistant Professor of Chemistry
Kyle BiegasiewiczAssistant Professor of Chemistry
Ernesto Blanes-MartinezAssistant Professor of Philosophy
Vanessa BrownAssistant Professor of Psychology
Krista ClarkAssistant Professor of Film and Media
Kiela CrabtreeAssistant Professor of Political Science
Petra CreamerAssistant Professor of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Daniel FershtmanAssistant Professor of Economics
Manuela GirottiAssistant Professor of Mathematics
Christopher HansmanAssistant Professor of Economics
Peter HitchcockAssistant Professor of Psychology
Xiao HuangAssistant Professor of Environmental Sciences
Wei JinAssistant Professor of Computer Science
Jieun LeeAssistant Professor of Theater Studies
Marina MagloireAssistant Professor of English
Tamar MenasheJay and Leslie Cohen Assistant Professor of History and Jewish Studies
Levon NurbekyanAssistant Professor of Mathematics
Tanju OzdemirAssistant Professor of Film and Media
Linette ParkAssistant Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Cosmin PohoataAssistant Professor of Mathematics
Alexander PolyanskiiAssistant Professor of Mathematics
Megan ReedAssistant Professor of Sociology
Sandeep SoniAssistant Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods
Allison StashkoAssistant Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods
Abigail SullivanAssistant Professor of Environmental Sciences
David van SchoorAssistant Professor of Classics
Lyons Velloso-LyonsAssistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Jing WangAssistant Professor of Film and Media
Yao WangAssistant Professor of Chemistry
Feng ZhaiAssistant Professor of Chemistry
Matthew BakerAssistant Teaching Professor of Political Science
Eric BattaglioliAssistant Teaching Professor of Biology
Mara BennettAssistant Teaching Professor of Dance and Movement Studies Program
Kristen BroehlAssistant Teaching Professor of Anthropology
Allison CuttnerAssistant Teaching Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods
Rose Deighton-MohammedAssistant Teaching Professor of the Institute for the Liberal Arts
Andrea FitzroyAssistant Teaching Professor of Human Health
Elaine (Elle) JohnsonAssistant Teaching Professor of Psychology
Stefano MaranzanaAssistant Teaching Professor of French and Italian
Megan MassaAssistant Teaching Professor of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Ju Hyun ParkAssistant Teaching Professor of Sociology
James PelleritoAssistant Teaching Professor of Film and Media
Aaron PuttAssistant Teaching Professor of Film and Media
Andrea RoeserAssistant Teaching Professor of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Julia RuckAssistant Teaching Professor of German Studies
Julia TulkeAssistant Teaching Professor, Institute for the Liberal Arts
Chen WangAssistant Teaching Professor of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Idowu (Jola) AjibadeActing Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences
Omar Jared MedinaActing Associate Professor of Psychology
Yolanda RankinActing Associate Professor of Computer Science
Pedro Sant'Anna.Acting Associate Professor of Economics
Gregory ZinmanActing Associate Professor of Film and Media
Erica BrittAssociate Teaching Professor of Linguistics
Aaron ColtonAssociate Teaching Professor in the Writing Program
Vani KannanAssociate Teaching Professor in the Writing Program
Tamara MedinaAssociate Teaching Professor of Psychology
Yana BrombergProfessor of Computer Science
Jo GuldiActing Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods
Alejandro Herrero-OlaizolaPaul & Phyllis Fireman Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Jinyu LiuActing Professor of History
Kevin QuinnActing Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods
Sarah SalterTeaching Professor in the Writing Program
Kashika SinghTeaching Professor of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies

Leyla EghbalzadAssistant Professor of Psychology
Hai LeAssistant Professor of Computer Science

Aizhan AnarkulovaAssistant Professor of Finance
Marat IbragimovAssistant Professor of Marketing
Abraham OshotseAssistant Professor of Organization & Management
Prasanna ParasuramaAssistant Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management
Steven SavageAssistant Professor in the Practice of Organization & Management
Sergio Rodolfo Garate AlvarezAssistant Professor of Practice of Finance
Lakshmi Shankar RamachandranAssistant Professor of Practice of Finance
William SchmidtActing Associate Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management

Alex ZhangAssistant Professor of Law
Deepa Das AcevedoActing Associate Professor of Law
Andrew JenningsActing Associate Professor of Law
Lindsey SimonActing Associate Professor of Law
Mark StorsleeActing Associate Professor of Law
Ifeoma AjunwaAI.Humanity Professor of Law
Dave FagundesProfessor of Law
Kevin QuinnActing Professor of Law
Jessica RobertsActing Professor of Law
Stacie StrongGyr Professor of Private International Law of Law
Karen CooperProfessor of Practice of Law
Robert ParrishProfessor of Practice of Law

Tamara ArnautovicAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Pauline BalkaransinghAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Ashley BartelsAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Paul BeachAssistant Professor of Neurology
Ross BeckmanAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Galen BerdisAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Gabriela BernalAssistant Professor of Medicine
Alan BidgoliAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Lauren BloomAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Charles Bou NaderAssistant Professor of Biochemistry
Selen BozkurtAssistant Professor of BMI
Damilola BrownAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Stephanie BrownAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Callan BrownfieldAssistant Professor of Urology
Luke BuffardiAssistant Professor of Medicine
Malcolm CarsonAssistant Professor of Rehab Medicine
Betsey ChambersAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Agni ChandoraAssistant Professor of Radiology
David ChouAssistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Nadim ChoudhuryAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Alice ChuAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Hunter CraneAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Thomas CuffAssistant Professor of Medicine
Sulagna DasAssistant Professor of Cell Biology
Soham DeAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Neha DesaiAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Jamie DiamondAssistant Professor of Medicine
Kimberly DickinsonAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Kathleen EdmierAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Stephen EllwoodAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Andrew ElsonAssistant Professor of Neurology
Nina FainbergAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Katherine FayAssistant Professor of Surgery
Jamie FelzerAssistant Professor of Medicine
Nicholas Flores-ConnerAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Ryan FransmanAssistant Professor of Surgery
Lori GentileAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Katherine GielissenAssistant Professor of Medicine
Brian GohAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Adam GordonAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Robert GrellAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Anna GrindyAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Elizabeth GunnAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Mindy GuoAssistant Professor of FPM
Juanmarco Gutierrez GonzalezAssistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Tyler HalleAssistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Michael HaneyAssistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Shuai HaoAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Morgan Heinzelmann-WeisbaumAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Carolyn HendersonAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Samantha HillAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Jeanne HoAssistant Professor of Medicine
Michael HochmanAssistant Professor of HMO
Tiffany HuangAssistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Azra IsmailAssistant Professor of BMI
Lindsay JaegerAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Sanyukta JanardanAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Michael JonesAssistant Professor of Medicine
Jacqueline JunnAssistant Professor of Radiology
Ajay KamireddiAssistant Professor of Radiology
Varun KannanAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Nadi KaongaAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Tarun KapoorAssistant Professor of Medicine
Nasim KatebijahromiAssistant Professor of BMI
Jana KeatingAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Bavana KethaAssistant Professor of Surgery
Elias KikanoAssistant Professor of Radiology
Hannah KildayAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Paul KimAssistant Professor of Psychiatry
Jocelyn KuhnAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Nino KvantalianiAssistant Professor of Neurology
Elizabeth LandzbergAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Jacqueline LeeAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Jung-hoon LeeAssistant Professor of HMO
Ron LeongAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Will LindquesterAssistant Professor of Radiology
Siru LiuAssistant Professor of BMI
Yuk Ming LiuAssistant Professor of Surgery
Andrew LupoAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Donald MaberryAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Meeka MaierAssistant Professor of Psychiatry
Caroline ManessAssistant Professor of Neurology
Shagun MathurAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Nirja MehtaAssistant Professor of Medicine
Kristen MurpheyAssistant Professor of Human Genetics
Aarthi MurugappanAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Seema MustafaAssistant Professor of Medicine
Samaneh NasiriAssistant Professor of BMI
Michael NeblettAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Presley NicholsAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Chionye OssaiAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Suzanne ParetsAssistant Professor of Radiology
Kyle PateAssistant Professor of Radiology
Forrest PowersAssistant Professor of Medicine
Beatrice PretiAssistant Professor of HMO
Prashant RaghavendranAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Chathruckan RajendraAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Emily RiggallAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Joseph RimandoAssistant Professor of HMO
Michael RippleAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Isaiah RolleAssistant Professor of Neurology
Carlos SaldanaAssistant Professor of Medicine
Tina SankhlaAssistant Professor of Radiology
Max SchubertAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Stephen ScottAssistant Professor of FPM
Nitya ShahAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Ezra ShapiroAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Michelle ShengAssistant Professor of Urology
Theresa ShireyAssistant Professor of Medicine
Yuri ShishidoAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
KJoy SimmsAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Mark SpencerAssistant Professor of Medicine
SWATHY SREEKUMARAssistant Professor of Medicine
James StevensAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Xiangna TangAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Sanjin TankovicAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Meysam TavakoliAssistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Tsega TemtemAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Christina ThalerAssistant Professor of Medicine
Christopher TherouxAssistant Professor of Medicine
Diana TiwariAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Anusha VallurupalliAssistant Professor of HMO
Peggy VogtAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Kathleen WatersAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Ian WilliamsonAssistant Professor of Medicine
Marisa WinklerAssistant Professor of Medicine
Mattie WolfAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Syeda Hira ZahidAssistant Professor of Medicine
Nicholas FitzpatrickAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
MARI FREEDBERGAssociate of Surgery
Laura BlackwellAssociate Professor of Pediatrics
James BlairAssociate Professor of Orthopaedics
Olivia ChengAssociate Professor of Surgery
Danyal FerAssociate Professor of Surgery
Caroline FiserAssociate Professor of Surgery
Kristen FrenzelAssociate Professor of BME
Manuel Garcia-TocaAssociate Professor of Surgery
Matthew GuttmanAssociate Professor of Surgery
Amber HimmlerAssociate Professor of Surgery
Robyn HowarthAssociate Professor of Pediatrics
Iyare IzevbayeAssociate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Kyle JacksonAssociate Professor of Surgery
Adil MalekAssociate Professor of Surgery
Daniel MaxwellAssociate Professor of Surgery
Ariana MetchikAssociate Professor of Surgery
Shalwa MohidulAssociate Professor of Surgery
Mackenzie MorrisAssociate Professor of Surgery
Danny MouAssociate Professor of Surgery
Nicole ShockcorAssociate Professor of Surgery
Robert StraussAssociate Professor of Medicine
Elissa TrieuAssociate of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Matthew WinnAssociate Professor of Surgery
Jonathan ZurcherAssociate Professor of Surgery
Jonathan ZurcherAssociate Professor of Surgery
Christopher LittleInstructor of Anesthesiology
Tucker MatthewsInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Chukwudubem OkekeInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Katelyn PelozaInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Stewart RichardsonInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Marta RowhInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Mukul SingalInstructor of HMO
Shelbi SwydenInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Kyley WyssInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Heather HechterInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Christine RothProfessor of Pathology
Chuan HuangAssociate Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Linos VandekerckhoveVisiting Professor of Pathology
Kaley FrenchSenior Associate of Pediatrics
Xu LiSenior Associate of Pathology
John NoelSenior Associate of Pediatrics

Cherie CofieldClinical Assistant Professor
Erica DavisClinical Assistant Professor
Danielle LarkinClinical Assistant Professor
Catherine LucidClinical Assistant Professor
Courtney PittsClinical Assistant Professor
Michael SmartClinical Assistant Professor
Heather VenrickClinical Assistant Professor
Zahra BarandouziAssistant Professor
Yufen LinAssistant Professor
Foster Osei BaahAssistant Professor
Autherine AbiriClinical Assistant Professor
Russ BranchClinical Assistant Professor
Chelsea HagopianClinical Assistant Professor
April HillClinical Assistant Professor
LaDonia PattersonClinical Assistant Professor
Katherine PfeiferClinical Assistant Professor
Richard GoranfloAssistant Research Professor
Monique BouvierAssistant Research Professor
Aleksandr FedorovAssistant Research Professor
Ran XiaoAssistant Research Professor
Jacob KariukiAssociate Professor
Hope BusseniusClinical Associate Professor
Heather MeissenClinical Associate Professor
Shawana MooreClinical Associate Professor
Erick McNairResearch Associate Professor
Ikseon ChoiActing Professor
Snehalata HuzurbazarActing Professor

Angela BengstonAssistant Professor of Epidemiology
Paula EdwardsAssistant Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Xin HuAssistant Professor of Environmental Health
Joshua JeongAssistant Professor of Global Health
Josh LukemireAssistant Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Tarrant McPhersonAssistant Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Sara ReddAssistant Professor of Behavioral, Social, & Health Education Sciences
Kaitlyn StanhopeAssistant Professor of Epidemiology
Chang SuAssistant Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Jithin VargheseAssistant Professor of Global Health
Joshua WallachAssistant Professor of Epidemiology
Julia WrobelAssistant Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Rami YacoubAssistant Professor of Epidemiology
Ram JagannathanAssociate Professor of Global Health
Melanie PearsonAssociate Professor of Environmental Health
Hui ShaoAssociate Professor of Global Health
Johnathan EdwardsInstructor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Regina ShihProfessor of Epidemiology
Chandra FordProfessor of Behavioral, Social, & Health Education Sciences

Stuart HigginbothamAssistant Professor in the Practice of Spiritual Formation and Ministry
John Thompson-QuarteyProfessor in the Practice of Church Leadership; Director of the Episcopal Anglican Studies Program
Natalya CherryRussell E. Richey and Merle Umstead Richey Visiting Professor in Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
Hee-Soo JungMcDonald Chair in the Life and Teachings of Jesus and Their Impact on Culture