New Faculty

The university encourages new faculty members to bring fresh approaches to the campus context of teaching, research, and service.

Emory anticipates that these ideas will help shape not only the university's own development but also the rapidly evolving field of higher education.


Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Sa’ed AtshanActing Associate Professor/Associate Professor of Anthropology
Aisha FinchActing Associate Professor/Associate Professor of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Angela GarciaAssistant Professor of Anthropology
Zhiyun GongLecturer in Quantitative Theory and Methods
David HirschbergAssistant Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods
Wei HuangAssistant Professor of Economics
Wen Wei LohAssistant Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods
Malinda Maynor LoweryActing Professor/Professor of History 
Carlton MackeyLecturer in Film and Media
David MarriottActing Professor/Charles T. Winship Professor of Philosophy
Micaela MartinezAssistant Professor of Biology
David McMillonAssistant Professor of Economics
Sameena MullaActing Associate Professor/Associate Professor Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Kristin PhillipsAssistant Professor of Anthropology
Kate RosenblattJay and Leslie Cohen Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies
Emily WallAssistant Professor of Computer Science
Ruoxuan XiongAssistant Professor of Quantitative Theory and Methods
Liana YepremyanAssistant Professor of Mathematics

Oxford College
Natalia Bayona VásquezAssistant Professor of Biology 

Goizueta School of Business
Marina CooleyLecturer
Tonya SmallsAssistant Professor in the Practice of Accounting

School of Law
Darren HutchinsonJohn Lewis Chair for Civil Rights and Social Justice
Kristin JohnsonAsa Griggs Candler Professor of Law

School of Medicine
Fizza AbbasAssistant Professor
Lauren AbernAssistant Professor
Fofie AkotoAssistant Professor
Mustafa AliAssistant Professor
Desiree AshongAssistant Professor
Armita BahramiProfessor
Shasha BaiAssociate Professor
Emily BarrowAssistant Professor
Benjamin BarwickInstructor
Jasna BeardAssistant Professor
Binoy BhattAssistant Professor
Anjan BhattacharyyaAssistant Professor
Emily BlackAssistant Professor
Melody BowenAssistant Professor
Danielle BrownAssistant Professor
Clarice BrownAssistant Professor
Mark BurtonAssistant Professor
Lorraine CafuirAssistant Professor
Stephanie CantuAssistant Professor
Suchitra ChandrasekaranAssistant Professor
Travis CoatsAssistant Professor
Gabriela CohenAssistant Professor
Michelle ColemanAssistant Professor
Sushma CribbsAssociate Professor
Andrea DabneyAssistant Professor
Manjusha DasAssistant Professor
Michael DattiloAssistant Professor
Millard DavisAssistant Professor
Nader DboukAssistant Professor
Anthony DePalmaAssistant Professor
Jed DiekfussAssistant Professor
Maggie DillerAssistant Professor
Sybil DotsonAssistant Professor
Jordan DubiqueAssistant Professor
Karman. DuchonAssistant Professor
Sunil DuttaAssistant Professor
Sean EvansAssistant Professor
Woodrow FarringtonAssistant Professor
Paul GhareebAssistant Professor
Erica GiraldiAssistant Professor
Jacob GissyInstructor
Gainneos GoldieAssistant Professor
Adam Goldman-YassenAssistant Professor
Alicia GradyAssistant Professor
Melanie GrantInstructor
Cassie Grimsley AckerleyAssistant Professor
Jennifer GrossAssistant Professor
Lauren GuentherAssistant Professor
Shahzeena HafeezAssistant Professor
Joya Hampton AndersonAssistant Professor
Chanhee HanAssistant Professor
George HanzelAssociate Professor
Aisha HarunAssistant Professor
Louise HeckerAssociate Professor
Gregg HellandAssistant Professor
Salman HemaniAssistant Professor
Katrin HenkeAssistant Professor
Sandra HobsonAssistant Professor
Stuart HurstAssistant Professor
Thaer IdreesAssistant Professor
Cara IorianniAssistant Professor
Sherrie JeanAssistant Professor
Leslie JohnsonAssistant Professor
Jade JonesAssistant Professor
Rishin KadakiaAssistant Professor
Nikhil KadleAssistant Professor
Kevin KalinskyAssociate Professor
Kosuke KatoAssistant Professor
Emily Kern-SmithAssistant Professor
Mohammed KhanAssistant Professor
Ashish KhannaAssistant Professor
Geetika KhannaProfessor
Therese KirschAssistant Professor
Paul KirschbaumAssistant Professor
Elizabeth KobeAssistant Professor
Deepika KogantiAssistant Professor
Paulette KropfAssistant Professor
Anthony LawAssistant Professor
Benjamin LeeAssociate Professor
Eric LeiendeckerAssistant Professor
Meghan LillyAssistant Professor
Allison LindenAssistant Professor
Patricia LittleAssistant Professor
Lucia LopezAssistant Professor
Charisma ManleyAssistant Professor
Baubak MansourAssistant Professor
Nader MassarwehActing Associate Professor
Katharine McCannAssistant Professor
Victoria MelansonInstructor
Molly MelhemInstructor
Aurangzeb MemonAssistant Professor
Ashley MinietSenior Associate
Mohamed MominAssistant Professor
Alexandra MonroeAssistant Professor
Wanjiru MuigaiAssistant Professor
Joel MummaInstructor
Gregory MyerAssociate Professor
Vikram NarayanAssistant Professor
Bassel NazhaAssistant Professor
Edjah NduomAssociate Professor
Nadratu NuhuAssistant Professor
Maria NunezAssistant Professor
Dina OnwukaAssistant Professor
Lindsay OrdowerInstructor
Keerthi PadooruAssistant Professor
Stuart PancerAssistant Professor
Jay PatelAssistant Professor
Dharmeshkumar PatelSenior Associate
Ribeiro PereiraAssistant Professor
Katherine PickardAssistant Professor
Lauren PostlewaitAssistant Professor
Pranavi RavichandranAssistant Professor
Kartik ReddyAssistant Professor
Jill RemickAssistant Professor
Nicole Rendos SpeerAssistant Professor
Sarah RiceAssistant Professor
Stephane RinfretProfessor
Michael RosasAssistant Professor
Allison RoseAssistant Professor
Katherine Ross DriscollAssistant Professor
Ruth SacksAssistant Professor
Bhagya SannananjaAssistant Professor
Philip SantangeloActing Professor
Rebecca SchneiderAssistant Professor
William SchultzAssistant Professor
Nikhil SebastianAssistant Professor
Rafick-Pierre SekalyProfessor
Purav ShahAssistant Professor
Surina SharmaAssistant Professor
Ashish SharmaInstructor
Paul SheehanAssistant Professor
Vivien SheehanAssociate Professor
Ryan SmithAssistant Professor
Julie SoganiAssistant Professor
Nancy SokkaryAssociate Professor
Kristen StarbuckAssistant Professor
Lisette TannerAssistant Professor
Yong TengAssociate Professor
Sibo TianAssistant Professor
Olga TolevaAssociate Professor
Jeffrey TomalkaInstructor
Matthew TopelAssistant Professor
Michelle TutmaherAssistant Professor
Tatiana TvrdikAssistant Professor
Daniel VioxAssistant Professor
Saman VojdaniAssistant Professor
Aisha WalkerAssistant Professor
Souheil YounesAssistant Professor
Yankai ZhangAssistant Professor
Baotong ZhangInstructor
Ao ZhangInstructor

Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
Gobezayehu AbebeAssistant Professor
Tracey BellAssistant Professor
Roxana ChicasAssistant Professor
Ingrid DuvaAssistant Professor
Moore EricaAssistant Professor
Kalisha JohnsonAssistant Professor
Lalita KaligotlaProfessor
Mueller KennethAssistant Professor
Ray LaurieAssistant Professor
Modly LoriAssistant Professor
Conway-Orgel MargaretAssistant Professor
Hall PriscillaAssistant Professor
Stevenson ShannonAssistant Professor
Athena ShermanAssistant Professor
Telisa SpikesAssistant Professor
Melissa (Missi) StecProfessor
Swanson SusanAssistant Professor
Cristy Tower-GilchristAssistant Professor
Sharon VanairsdaleAssociate Professor
Wenhui (Vivian) ZhangAssistant Professor

Rollins School of Public Health
Liliana Aguayo-MarkesResearch Assistant Professor
Enmanuel ChavarriaAssistant Professor
Natalie DeanAssistant Professor
Stephanie EickAssistant Professor
Christine EkengaAssistant Professor
Olivia JungAssistant Professor
Robert KraftyProfessor and Chair
Donghai LiangAssistant Professor
Andrea Lopez-CeperoAssistant Professor
Alexandra MorshedResearch Assistant Professor
Raphiel MurdenResearch Assistant Professor
Razieh NabiAssistant Professor
Subasri NarashimhanResearch Assistant Professor
Parinya PanuwetResearch Assistant Professor
Whitney RiceAssistant Professor
Elizabeth Tacket Rogawski-McQuadeAssistant Professor
Megan WinklerAssistant Professor

Candler School of Theology
Musa DubeActing Professor of New Testament
Danielle HansenAssistant Professor of Practical Theology and Spiritual Care
Gabrielle ThomasAssistant Professor of Early Christianity and Anglican Studies
Amihan Valdez BarkerVisiting Associate Professor of Religious Education and Mission Innovation