New Faculty

The university encourages new faculty members to bring fresh approaches to the campus context of teaching, research, and service.

Emory anticipates that these ideas will help shape not only the university's own development but also the rapidly evolving field of higher education.


Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Michal  ArbillyLecturer in Biology and Quantitative Theory and Methods
Michelle  Armstrong-PartidaActing Associate Professor of History  
David Guillermo BarbaAssistant Professor of Film and Media Studies
Dan  BenardotProfessor of Practice 
Christoph  BreunigAssistant Professor of Economics
Emily  BurchfieldAssistant Professor of Environmental Sciences
Alix Andrew ChapmanAssistant Professor of African American Studies
In-Koo  ChoActing Professor of Economics
Heather  ChristleAssistant Professor of Creative Writing 
Katherine M. DavisAssistant Professor of Chemistry
Janeria A. EasleyAssistant Professor of African American Studies
Emily Kalah GadeAssistant Professor of Political Science
Nicole M. Guidotti-HernandezActing Professor of English
Caitlin J. HargravesLecturer in Acting
Sorin  HuhSenior Lecturer in Korean
Krzysztof  KarbownikAssistant Professor of Economics
Kyungmin (Teddy)  KimActing Associate Professor of Economics
Lauren Frederica  KleinActing Associate Professor of English
January  LaVoyAssistant Professor of Acting
Kathleen T. LeuschenLecturer in English
Stu  MarvelAssistant Professor of Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies 
Mizuki  MazzottaLecturer in Japanese
Jenny Wang MedinaAssistant Professor of Korean
Julio Ulises MedinaAssistant Professor of Dance  
Adam Tahir MirzaAssistant Professor of Music
Maria R. MontalvoAssistant Professor of History
Paloma  MoyanoLecturer in Economics
Malavika  MuruganAssistant Professor of Biology
Craig  PerryAssistant Professor 
Seunghwa  RhoLecturer in Quantitative Theory and Methods
Leila  RiederAssistant Professor of Biology
Dehanza  RogersAssistant Professor of Film and Media Studies
Robyn  SchiffActing Professor of English
Renard  SextonAssistant Professor of Political Science
Dan  SinykinAssistant Professor of English
Jessica Lynn StewartAssistant Professor of African American Studies
Carl  SuddlerAssistant Professor of History
Chris   SuhAssistant Professor of History 
Daniel M. SussmanAssistant Professor of Physics 
Maja  TaskovićAssistant Professor of Mathematics
Yiran  WangAssistant Professor of Mathematics
Benjamin  WilsonAssistant Professor of Psychology
Melissa T. YangLecturer in English 
Tiphanie  YaniqueAssociate Professor of English and Creative Writing
Liana  YepremyanAssistant Professor of Mathematics
Rocio  ZambranaActing Associate Professor of Philosophy

Oxford College
Pearl K. DoweActing Professor of Political Science and African American Studies
Leigh Katherine ElionLecturer in English and Writing Center Director
Jack HardyAssistant Professor of Linguistics
Sarah HiginbothamAssistant Professor of English
Ting LiAssistant Professor of Computer Science
Salmon A. ShomadeAssociate Professor of Political Science
Richmond R. ThompsonProfessor of Psychology & Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Daniel R. WalterAssistant Professor of German Studies

Goizueta School of Business
Catarina R FernandesAssistant Professor of Organization & Management
Wenjun  GuAssociate Professor of Information Systems and Organization Management
William G MannAssistant Professor of Finance

School of Law
Mary Anne  BobinskiDean and Professor of LawTenure
Paul  KosterAssociate Professor PracticeNon-Tenure
Martin  SybblisAssistant Professor of LawTenure

School of Medicine
Abeer N AbouyabisAssistant Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology
Mirtha Yobana Aguilar-AlvaradoAssistant Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine
Ahmad Hameed Al-HajjAssistant Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology
Andaleeb  AliAssistant Professor of Medicine
David N. AlterAssociate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Heba  Al-ZubaidiAssistant Professor of Medicine
Abul  ArifInstructor of Orthopaedics
Milena HIrata ArmaniAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Yong Nicholas AuAssistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Arpita  BasuAssistant Professor of Medicine
John-Paul  BerauerAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Pallavi  BhattaramAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Manali Ajay BhaveAssistant Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology
Sara K BigsbyAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Brad D. BirenbergAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Eliot H. BlumAssistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Sheree Lynn BouletAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Arene  ButtoAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Jessica  BuzenskiAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Elena  CabbAssistant Professor of Medicine
Matthew Ross CarazoAssistant Professor of Medicine
Luisa Constanza del Rosario Cervantes BarraganAssistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Paul Jubeong ChaiAssociate Professor of Surgery
Christine Yoon-Mee ChangAssistant Professor of Medicine
Weirong  ChenAssociate of Medicine
Ying  ChengAssistant Professor of Human Genetics
Patricia Ihuoma ChimezieAssistant Professor of Medicine
Steven John CoatsAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Mircea M CristescuAssistant Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Charles Andrew DalyAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Mani Ali DaneshmandAssociate Professor of Surgery
Michael  DattiloInstructor of Ophthalmology
Carlo Nicola De CeccoActing Associate Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Adam G De La GarzaAssistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Sarah  DebreyAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Tanvi Siddharth DesaiAssistant Professor of Medicine
Drake Robert DeVosInstructor of Ophthalmology
Linton Webster Eberhardt IVAssistant Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Muruvet  ElkayAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Suresh  EnjetiAssociate Professor of Medicine
Christine Doss EsperAssistant Professor of Neurology
Abdulwahab M. EwazAssociate of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Jason Ronald FangusaroAssociate Professor of Pediatrics
Meetra  FarhatAssistant Professor of Medicine
Natalie Anne FerreroAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Babar  FizaAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Styliani  FlampouriAssociate Professor of Radiation Oncology
Eleni Andria FootmanAssistant Professor of Medicine
Thomas Gordon FoxAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Eli Christopher GarrardAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Satyanarayana  GedelaAssociate Professor of Pediatrics
Bashir Ahmed GeerAssistant Professor of Medicine
Katrina Annette GipsonAssistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Samantha  GoldsteinAssistant Professor of Medicine
Oren  GoltzerAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Grace Yoonheekim GombolayAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Holly C GoodingAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
April A. GrantAssistant Professor of Surgery
Sheela Srikanta HanasogeAssistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Robert Scott HarrisAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Arash  HarzandAssistant Professor of Medicine
Karmella Ann HaynesAssociate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Elizabeth Madeline HechenbleiknerAssistant Professor of Surgery
Clayton Burnett HessAssistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Susan  HuppAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Onyinye Adaeze IheakuAssistant Professor of Medicine
Wissam  JaberAssistant Professor of Medicine
Clyde Tyrone JacobAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Jeffrey  JaegerAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Ram  JagannathanAssistant Professor of Medicine
Jie  JiangAssistant Professor of Cell Biology
Nova Thomas JohnAssistant Professor of Medicine
Suzana Alex JohnAssistant Professor of Medicine
Azeem S KakaAssistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Mukta N. KapdiAssistant Professor of Medicine
Kelly Elyse KaysenAssistant Professor of Medicine
Frazier Lorine KeittAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Eric Maslin KnauerAssistant Professor of Surgery
Anna Kaitlyn KnightInstructor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Ellis McHenry KnightAssistant Professor of Medicine
Amit  KumarAssistant Professor of Medicine
Tony Mathew KuzhippalaAssistant Professor of Medicine
Katja M LangenProfessor of Radiation Oncology
Jessica Raper LawrenceAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Rebecca M LeleikoAssistant Professor of Medicine
Dong  LiAssistant Professor of Medicine
Yunpeng Kevin LiAssistant Professor of Medicine
Bernardo  LiberatoAssistant Professor of Neurology
Lauren  LichtenAssistant Professor of Human Genetics
Allison M LoPilatoAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Charles Adam LorentzAssistant Professor of Urology
Laura  LoucksAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Jun  MaAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Shalene Lavern MageeAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Bill Saliba MajdalanyAssociate Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Manpreet  MalikAssistant Professor of Medicine
Jessica M Maples-KellerAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Sara Caitlin MarkleyAssistant Professor of Medicine
Lucian  MartsAssistant Professor of Medicine
Stacy  McAllisterAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Anna M. McCrateAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
Thomas  McGahanAssistant Professor of Medicine
Obsinet Tadesse MeridAssistant Professor of Medicine
Kelsey Moody MileskiAssistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Jay Steven MillerAssistant Professor of Surgery
Laura Jane MillerAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Drew  MoghanakiActing Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
Alainia Nicole Morgan-JamesAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Deepalakshmi  NagarajanAssistant Professor of Medicine
Sathyabama R NaiduAssistant Professor of Medicine
Digvijaya D. NavalkeleAssistant Professor of Neurology
Stella Devon NelmsAssistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Antoinette Truc NguyenAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Abesh  NiroulaAssistant Professor of Medicine
Chinonye  NnajiAssistant Professor of Medicine
Padmavathi Venkata PagadalaAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Nicki  PanoskaltsisActing Associate Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology
Ankit D ParikhAssistant Professor of Medicine
Mehul R. ParikhAssistant Professor of Medicine
Catherine  ParkAssistant Professor of Medicine
Matthew S ParsonsAssistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Sagar Anil PatelAssistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Sonal Ramesh PatelAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Srikrishna Vidyadhar PatnanaAssistant Professor of Medicine
Andrew Jay PattersonProfessor And Chair of Anesthesiology
Lailama  PaykargarAssistant Professor of Medicine
Deniz  PekerActing Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Anne  PiantadosiAssistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Sudheer  PotruAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Sarwish  RafiqAssistant Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology
Deepa  RanganathanAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Prethy  RaoAssistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Neil J ResnickAssistant Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Giorgio A RoccaroAssistant Professor of Medicine
Amy D RodriguezAssistant Professor of Neurology
Matthew J RowanAssistant Professor of Cell Biology
Dawn Renee RussellAssistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Timothy Robert SampsonAssistant Professor of Physiology
Renato M SantosAssistant Professor of Medicine
Md Abeed Hossain SarkerAssistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Harry William SchroederAssistant Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Federico Jose SerrotAssistant Professor of Surgery
Mihir M ShahAssistant Professor of Surgery
Shivani K ShahAssistant Professor of Medicine
Tina Shashikant ShahAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Fawwaz Ridwan ShawAssistant Professor of Surgery
Andrew Michael SherrillAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Scot H SherwoodAssistant Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Joel J ShuAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
George M SkardasisAssistant Professor of Surgery
Steven Andrew SloanAssistant Professor of Human Genetics
Monique Antoinette SmithInstructor of Emergency Medicine
Manisha Raghavan SrinivasaAssistant Professor of Medicine
Dylan  StentifordAssistant Professor of Medicine
Sujit  SuchindranAssistant Professor of Medicine
Maha O SuliemanAssistant Professor of Medicine
Sahar  TaghvaeiAssistant Professor of Medicine
Ahmad  TarhiniActing Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology
Zhen  TianAssistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
James Patrick TonerAssociate Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Elizabeth J TongAssistant Professor of Medicine
Hari  TrivediAssistant Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Thara M. VidyasagaranAssistant Professor of Medicine
Ravi Siddharth VoraAssistant Professor of Medicine
Eric  WagnerAssistant Professor of Orthopaedics
William Bradley WainrightAssistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Tiffany  WalkerAssistant Professor of Medicine
Randy L. WallaceAssistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Stormi Pulver WhiteAssistant Professor of Pediatrics
Jeremy Darnell WhitleyAssistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
TaRessa K WillsAssistant Professor of Medicine
Michael Holmes WoodworthAssistant Professor of Medicine
Nan  XiangAssistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Charlotte Wood YasinskiAssistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Guojun  ZhangAssistant Professor of Pediatrics

Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
Helen  BakerAssistant Professor of Nursing
Amy  BecklenbergAssistant Professor of Nursing
Desiree  ClementAssistant Professor of Nursing
Wanda  CsakyAssistant Professor of Nursing
Calli  CookAssistant Professor of Nursing
Philip  DavisAssistant Professor of Nursing
Ronald C. EldridgeAssistant Professor of Nursing
Fayron  EppsAssistant Professor of Nursing
Angela  Haynes-FerereAssistant Professor of Nursing
Sangmi  KimAssistant Professor of Nursing
Abby  MuticAssistant Professor of Nursing
William C. NicholsonAssistant Professor of Nursing
Quyen  PhanAssistant Professor of Nursing
Stephanie Laren RiescheAssistant Professor of Nursing
Tamara  TannerAssistant Professor of Nursing
Whitney  WhartonAssistant Professor of Nursing

Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Umedjon  IbragimovResearch Assistant Professor
Siu Y LauAssistant Professor
Audrey GaskinsAssistant Professor

School of Theology
Marla F. FrederickActing  Professor of Religion and Culture 
Ian A. McFarlandRobert W. Woodruff Professor of Theology