Framework and Guidelines

The strategic plan's structural components, including goals, strategic themes, framing principles, and strategic priorities, have served to guide all schools, units, themes, and intiatives during the 2005-2015 period.


Faculty: Emory has a world-class, diverse faculty that establishes and sustains preeminent learning, research, scholarship, health care, and service programs.
Students: Emory enrolls the best and the brightest undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and provides exemplary support for them to achieve success.
Campus: Emory's culture and physical environment enrich the lives and intellectual work of faculty, students, and staff.
Research: Emory is recognized as a place where scholars work collaboratively as a strong and vital community to confront the human condition and experience and explore 21st-century frontiers in science and technology.
Stewardship: Emory stewards its financial and other resources to drive activities that are essential and those through which Emory can demonstrate excellence and provide leadership.

Strategic Themes

Strategic Themes
Strengthening Faculty Distinction Faculty Development
Tenure and Promotion
Recruitment and Retention
Ensuring Highest Student Quality and Enhancing the Student Experience Recruitment and Financial Aid
Engaged Scholars
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Creating Community, Engaging Society Culture
Professional and Leadership Development
Confronting the Human Condition and Human Experience Religions and the Human Spirit
Race and Difference
Global Health
Exploring New Frontiers in Science and Technology Neuroscience, Human Nature, and Society
Predictive Health and Society
Computational and Life Sciences

Framing Principles

Framing Principles
Strategic Collaborations Internal and External
Internationalization Recognition and Transformation
Societal Impact Scholarly Work and Social Action
Creativity: Art and Innovation Beyond the Arts

Strategic Priorities

Quality: Recruitment and retention of world class, distinctive, diverse, and high-quality faculty is critical in upcoming years. Developing strategies to recruit and retain top choice students and staff, engaging in activities to develop leadership, strengthening our academic programs (esp. graduate programs), and providing high-quality health care are also key.
Distinction: Focusing on the essentials that we must do and on areas in which we excel will place Emory in a position of strength in the future. This includes investing in distinguished interdisciplinary centers and institutes, reinforcing Emory's strong community culture, and maintaining and seeking out new affiliations.
Financial Strength and Resource Stewardship: Emory must right-size activities, utilize and develop resources efficiently and effectively, align funds flow, and increase transparency.