Asa Griggs Candler Professors

The Asa Griggs Candler professorships help recruit and retain especially well-qualified senior faculty members. The provost and the dean of the candidate's school review and approve nominations.

Asa Griggs Candler, founder of The Coca-Cola Company, offered $1 million to help Emory College expand into a university to Atlanta in 1914. He chaired Emory's Board of Trustees for more than 30 years. General revenues fund these positions.

List of Recipients

Dorothy A. BrownSchool of Law Law
Margo BagleySchool of LawLaw
Patricia BauerEmory CollegePsychology
Geoffrey BenningtonEmory CollegeModern French Thought
Lawrence M. BenvenisteBusiness SchoolFinance
Mary Anne BobinskiSchool of LawLaw
In-koo ChoEmory CollegeEconomics
Vincent CornellEmory CollegeMiddle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Huw DaviesEmory CollegeChemistry
Pearl DoweOxford/ Emory CollegePolitical Science and African American Studies
Mary L. DudziakSchool of LawLaw
Marla F. FrederickCandler School of TheologyReligion
Timothy HolbrookSchool of LawLaw
David G. LynnEmory CollegeChemistry
Walter MelionEmory CollegeArt History
Ken OnoEmory CollegeMathematics
David F. PartlettSchool of LawLaw
Polly PriceSchool of LawLaw
Leslie A. RealEmory CollegeBiology
Robert SchapiroSchool of LawLaw
Holli SemetkoEmory CollegePolitical Science
Donald G. SteinSchool of MedicineEmergency Medicine
Gregory WaymireBusiness SchoolAccounting
Shozo YokoyamaEmory CollegeBiology
Kathryn M. YountSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health
Shan Ping YuSchool of MedicineAnesthesiology