Undergraduate Teaching Award

Emory Williams Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award

The Emory Williams Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award is presented annually at Commencement to faculty members in each of the four undergraduate schools in recognition of a record of excellence in undergraduate teaching. The award was established by Emory Williams, a 1932 Emory College alumnus and long-time trustee.

  • Emory College of Arts and Sciences
  • Goizueta Business School
  • Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
  • Oxford College

Emory College of Arts and Sciences selects three award recipients, drawn from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Each of the other undergraduate schools selects one award recipient.

Award recipients receive a framed certificate at the diploma ceremony of the school where the faculty member's primary appointment is housed. The recognition also comes with a monetary award of $4,000.

Award recipients hold a record of excellence in teaching, having made major contributions in their academic discipline to curriculum development, pedagogy, and educational innovation. They have earned the respect of colleagues both at Emory and in the larger academic community.

In addition to a stellar academic record and the accomplishments above, and in keeping with Williams' wishes, the award honors faculty who:

  • Foster participation, inquiry, and creative expression in the classroom
  • Exemplify the highest quality of teaching scholarship
  • Serve as a mentor to students
  • Currently teach undergraduate students
  • Retain a continual record of outstanding accomplishment and ongoing commitment to teaching
  • Make significant contributions that impact and advance the university through teaching

The Office of the Provost sends out the Emory Williams Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award call for nominations annually. The dean in each undergraduate school/college will establish a process that includes these key features specifically requested by Williams:

  • Assemble a school-based selection committee consisting of four faculty members and three students. At the Emory College of Arts and Sciences and at Oxford College, faculty must be drawn from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. There are no other criterion for selection committee membership. Submit the list of committee members to the director of faculty affairs by the date provided in the annual call for nominations.
  • Seek nominations for faculty members of all ranks who have demonstrated excellence in teaching undergraduate students. Nominations must come from the school's students, faculty, and alumni. The call for nomination must include the criteria listed above.
  • Submit the selection dossier of the school's award recipient to the director of faculty affairs by the date provided in the annual call for nominations. The selection dossier must include the faculty member's employee ID number, CV, and a comprehensive letter of support from the dean. The dean's letter should describe the faculty member's record of achievement, the recipient's impact on undergraduate education and mentorship, and supporting reasons for the selection, as well as the recipient's current involvement with teaching.

The Office of the Provost will create and frame the award citation, as well as process the payment. Schools will be notified by email when the citation is ready to be picked up.

List of Recipients

2023 Recipients
Harshita Mruthinti Kamath
Emory CollegeMiddle Eastern and South Asian Studies
John KimBusiness SchoolOrganization and Management
Manuela Manetta
Emory CollegeMathematics
Michael Leo OwensEmory CollegePolitical Science
Paul OserOxford CollegeMathematics
Katherine PfeifferSchool of NursingNursing

2022 Recipients
Antonio BrathwaiteEmory CollegeChemistry
Helen BakerSchool of NursingNursing
LaTonia Taliaferro-SmithOxford CollegeNatural Science and Mathematics
Molly EpsteinBusiness SchoolOrganization and Management
Matthew PayneEmory CollegeHistory
Peter WakefieldEmory CollegePedagogy

2021 Recipients
Jessica M. BarberEmory CollegePsychology
Stacy Bell McQuaideOxford CollegeEnglish
Christina E. CrawfordEmory CollegeModern and Contemporary Architecture
Rowena ElliotSchool of NursingNursing
Allison KaysBusiness SchoolAccounting
Tracy YandleEmory CollegeEnvironmental Sciences

2020 Recipients
Brittany ButtsSchool of NursingNursing
Fang ChenOxford CollegeMathematics
Astrid M. EckertEmory CollegeHistory
Nicole GerardoEmory CollegeBiology
Hank KlibanoffEmory CollegeEnglish and Creative Writing
Vilma TodriBusiness SchoolInformation Systems & Operations Management

2019 Recipients
Cassandra QuaveEmory CollegeDermatology and Human Health
Eri SaikawaEmory CollegeEnvironmental Sciences
Dianne Marie StewartEmory CollegeReligion and African American Studies
Effrosyni SeitaridouOxford CollegePhysics
Reshma ShahBusiness SchoolMarketing
Kylie SmithSchool of NursingNursing

2018 Recipients
Valérie LoichotEmory CollegeFrench and English
Tracy ScottEmory CollegeSociology
José de Jesús SoriaEmory CollegeChemistry
Florian PohlOxford CollegeReligion
Wesley LonghoferBusiness SchoolOrganization and Management
Melissa OwenSchool of NursingNursing

2017 Recipients
Jacobus Cornelis de RoodeEmory CollegeBiology
Lynne HufferEmory CollegeWomen's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Hiram MaximEmory CollegeGerman Studies
Susan AshmoreOxford CollegeHistory
Kevin CrowleyBusiness SchoolFinance
Timothy HolbrookSchool of LawLaw
Zoher F. KapasiSchool of MedicinePhysical Therapy
Ann ConnorSchool of NursingNursing
Patrick SullivanSchool of Public HealthEpidemiology
Teresa Fry BrownSchool of TheologyPreaching

2016 Recipients
Carol AndersonEmory CollegeAfrican American Studies
Samiran BanerjeeEmory CollegeEconomics
Judy Raggi MooreEmory CollegePedagogy
Camille CottrellOxford CollegeArt History and Studio Art
Emily C. BianchiBusiness SchoolOrganization and Management
Kay L. LevineSchool of LawLaw
James R. ZaidanSchool of MedicineAnesthesiology
Katherine A. YeagerSchool of NursingNursing
Carol J. Rowland HogueSchool of Public HealthEpidemiology
Karen D. ScheibSchool of TheologyPastoral Care and Pastoral Theology

2015 Recipients
James Henry MoreyEmory CollegeEnglish
Douglas Robert MulfordEmory CollegeChemistry
Susan Louise TamasiEmory CollegeLinguistics
Maria Anne ArchettoOxford CollegeMusic
Kristy L. TowryBusiness SchoolAccounting
Rafael I. PardoSchool of LawLaw
Gordon ChurchwardSchool of MedicineMicrobiology and Immunology
Lisa MuirheadSchool of NursingNursing
Hannah CooperSchool of Public HealthBehavioral Sciences and Health Education
Ellen Ott MarshallSchool of TheologyChristian Ethics and Conflict Transformation

2014 Recipients
Arri EisenEmory CollegeBiology
Hugo MialonEmory CollegeEconomics
Bobbi PattersonEmory CollegeReligion
David GowlerOxford CollegeReligion
J.B. KurishBusiness SchoolFinance
Thomas C. ArthurSchool of LawLaw
Thomas F. DodsonSchool of MedicineSurgery
Tami ThomasSchool of NursingNursing Practice
Kimberly R. Jacob ArriolaSchool of Public HealthBehavioral Sciences and Health Education
Gregory C. Ellison IISchool of TheologyPastoral Care

2013 Recipients
Timothy DowdEmory CollegeSociology
Sarah McPheeEmory CollegeArt History
Rachelle SpellEmory CollegeBiology
Clark W. LemonsOxford CollegeEnglish
Doug BowmanBusiness SchoolMarketing
Martha Grace DuncanSchool of LawLaw
David LloydSchool of MedicinePediatrics
Jennifer FosterSchool of NursingNursing
Michael GoodmanSchool of Public HealthEpidemiology
Luke Timothy JohnsonSchool of TheologyNew Testament and Christian Origins

2012 Recipients
Patrick AllittEmory CollegeAmerican History
Skip GaribaldiEmory CollegeMathematics and Science
Louise PrattEmory CollegeClassics
William B. CodyOxford CollegePolitical Science
Roy T. BlackBusiness SchoolFinance
A. James ElliottSchool of LawLaw
Kyle W. PetersonSchool of MedicineCell Biology
Carolyn Miller ReillySchool of NursingNursing
Roger RochatSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health
Rex D. MatthewsSchool of TheologyHistorical Theology

2011 Recipients
Angelika BammerEmory CollegeInterdisciplinary Humanities
Patricia BrennanEmory CollegePsychology
Matthew WeinschenkEmory CollegeChemistry
Nitya P. JacobOxford CollegeBiology
Jeffrey RosensweigBusiness SchoolFinance
Dorothy A. BrownSchool of LawLaw
Shanthi SitaramanSchool of MedicineDigestive Diseases
Catherine VenaSchool of NursingNursing
John E. McGowan Jr.School of Public HealthEpidemiology
Thomas G. LongSchool of TheologyPreaching

2010 Recipients
Richard DonerEmory CollegePolitical Science
James NagyEmory CollegeMathematics and Computer Science
Deborah Elise WhiteEmory CollegeEnglish and Comparative Literature
Penelope EnglandOxford CollegePhysical Education and Dance
Consuelo L. KertzBusiness SchoolAccounting
Charles A. ShanorSchool of LawLaw
J. William EleySchool of MedicineHematology and Oncology
Marcia McDonnell HolstadSchool of NursingNursing
Stanley FosterSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health
Luther Smith Jr.School of TheologyChurch and Community

2009 Recipients
Tracy MorkinEmory CollegeChemistry
Randall W. StrahanEmory CollegePolitical Science
Donald TutenEmory CollegeSpanish and Linguistics
Brenda HarmonOxford CollegeChemistry
Klaas BaksBusiness SchoolFinance
Robert SchapiroSchool of LawLaw
William McDonaldSchool of MedicinePsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Elizabeth DownesSchool of NursingNursing
Deborah A. McFarlandSchool of Public HealthGlobal Health
Carol A. NewsomSchool of TheologyOld Testament

2008 Recipients
Michael A. ElliottEmory CollegeEnglish
Frank McDonaldEmory CollegeChemistry
Regina WerumEmory CollegeSociology
Kenneth L. AndersonOxford CollegePhilosophy
Nicholas Valerio IIIBusiness SchoolFinance
William W. BuzbeeSchool of LawLaw
J. William EleySchool of MedicineEpidemiology
Sarah B. FreemanSchool of NursingNursing
Steven CullerSchool of Public HealthHealth Policy and Management
Ian McFarlandSchool of TheologyTheology

2007 Recipients
Gray CrouseEmory CollegeBiology
Elizabeth Carson PastanEmory CollegeArt History
William ShapiroOxford CollegePolitical Science
Clifton GreenBusiness SchoolFinance
David J. BedermanSchool of LawPrivate International Law
Linton HopkinsSchool of MedicineNeurology
Michael NevilleSchool of NursingPharmacology
Nancy J. ThompsonSchool of Public HealthBehavioral Sciences and Health Education
David L. PetersonSchool of TheologyOld Testament

2006 Recipients
Peter BingEmory CollegeClassics
Eric BrusselEmory CollegeMathematics and Computer Science
Frank PajaresEmory CollegeEducational Studies
Lucas A. CarpenterOxford CollegeEnglish
Henry MoonBusiness SchoolOrganization and Management
Howard E. AbramsSchool of LawLaw
Corrine AbrahamSchool of NursingNursing

2005 Recipients
Frank J. LechnerEmory CollegeSociology
Laurie L. PattonEmory CollegeReligion
Barry YedvobnickEmory CollegeBiology
Steven BakerOxford CollegeBiology
Eve RosenzweigBusiness SchoolInformation Systems and Operations Management
Joseph M. Kinkade Jr.School of MedicineBiochemistry
Barbara KaplanSchool of NursingNursing

2004 Recipients
Fereydoon FamilyEmory CollegePhysics
Mark RisjordEmory CollegePhilosophy
Carrie R. WickhamEmory CollegePolitical Science
Mohammad Reza SaadeinOxford CollegeChemistry
Mary Allison BurdetteBusiness SchoolBusiness Law
Nanette K. WengerSchool of MedicineCardiology
Joyce L. KingSchool of NursingNursing

2003 Recipients
Joyce FlueckigerEmory CollegeReligion
Emily HamiltonEmory CollegeMathematics and Computer Science
Michelle LamplEmory CollegeAnthropology
Eloise CarterOxford CollegeBiology
Diana RobertsonBusiness SchoolOrganization and Management
Leslie HolmesSchool of NursingFamily and Community Nursing
E. Brooks HolifieldSchool of TheologyAmerican Church History

2002 Recipients
Cathryn JohnsonEmory CollegeSociology
Steven L'HernaultEmory CollegeBiology
Sally RadellEmory CollegeDance
Susan B. RinerOxford CollegeMathematics
Andrea HershatterBusiness SchoolOrganization and Management
John WitteSchool of LawLaw and Ethics
Rose CannonSchool of NursingNursing

2001 Recipients
Joseph JusticeEmory CollegeChemistry
Thomas LancasterEmory CollegePolitical Science
John ZupkoEmory CollegePhilosophy
Michael McQuaideOxford CollegeSociology
Sunil WahalBusiness SchoolFinance
Jonas ShulmanSchool MedicineInfectious Diseases
Darla UraSchool of NursingNursing

2000 Recipients
Judith MillerEmory CollegeHistory
Michael SolomonEmory CollegeSpanish
Patricia Owen-SmithOxford CollegePsychology and Women's Studies
Steven WaltonBusiness SchoolDecision and Information Analysis
David KleinbaumSchool of MedicineEpidemiology
Deborah RyanSchool of NursingNursing

1999 Recipients
Hashem DezhbakhshEmory CollegeEconomics
Ronald J. GouldEmory CollegeMathematics and Computer Science
Niall SlaterEmory CollegeHumanities
Charles FosterSchool of TheologyChristian Education

1998 Recipients
Myron KaufmanEmory CollegeChemistry
Thomas WalkerEmory CollegePolitical Science
Benjamin HaryEmory CollegeMiddle Eastern Studies
Marianne Scharbo-DeHaanSchool of NursingNursing

1997 Recipients
Ronald L. CalabreseEmory CollegeBiology
Deborah E. LipstadtEmory CollegeReligion
Kenneth W. SteinEmory CollegeHistory and Political Science
Richard D. FreerSchool of LawLaw

1996 Recipients
Marshall P. DukeEmory CollegePsychology
Robert N. McCauleyEmory CollegePhilosophy
William B. SizeEmory CollegeGeosciences
Joel M. FelnerSchool of MedicineCardiology

1995 Recipients
Carol HerronEmory CollegeFrench
Paul R. LennardEmory CollegeBiology
Darryl B. NeillEmory CollegePsychology
Chitrabhanu BhattacharyaBusiness SchoolBusiness

1994 Recipients
Dwight D. AndrewsEmory CollegeMusic
V.S. SunderamEmory CollegeMathematics and Computer Science
Daniel D. AdameEmory CollegeHealth and Physical Education
Kathy R. MinerSchool of Public HealthBehavioral Sciences and Health Education

1993 Recipients
William A. ElmerEmory CollegeBiology
John HowettEmory CollegeArt History
James L. RoarkEmory CollegeHistory
Fred B. CraddockSchool of TheologyPreaching and New Testament

1992 Recipients
Dan T. CarterEmory CollegeHistory
Pamela M. HallEmory CollegePhilosophy and Women's Studies
Darrell R. StokesEmory CollegeBiology
Collen I. Di'IorioSchool of NursingFamily and Community Nursing

1991 Recipients
John M. BuggeEmory CollegeEnglish
David J. GoldsmithEmory CollegeChemistry
Karen P. O'ConnorEmory CollegePolitical Science
Frank S. AlexanderSchool of LawLaw

1990 Recipients
Thomas R. FlynnEmory CollegePhilosophy
Thomas F. RemingtonEmory CollegePolitical Science
Donald ShureEmory CollegeBiology
Sharon E. MartinSchool of MedicineMedicine

1989 Recipients
David A. EdwardsEmory CollegePsychology
Nicholas G. FoitionEmory CollegePhilosophy
David A. FordEmory CollegeMathematics
Rick GilkeyBusiness SchoolOrganization and Management

1988 Recipients
David R. BlumenthalEmory CollegeReligion
Ronald C. JohnsonEmory CollegeChemistry
Stephen Nowicki Jr.Emory CollegePsychology
Robert J. MichelichSchool of DentistryEndodontics

1987 Recipients
Dennis LiottaEmory CollegeChemistry
Harry RuscheEmory CollegeEnglish
Bradd ShoreEmory CollegeAnthropology
Theodore R. WeberSchool of TheologySocial Ethics

1986 Recipients
Dwight A. DuffusEmory CollegeMathematics
William F. EdwardsEmory CollegePhilosophy
Thomas G. WalkerEmory CollegePolitical Science
Margaret E. ParsonsSchool of NursingNursing

1985 Recipients
Peter J. BrownEmory CollegeAnthropology
John M. BuggeEmory CollegeEnglish
Alfred H. Merrill Jr.Emory CollegeBiochemistry
Richard L. DoernbergSchool of LawLaw

1984 Recipients
Marshall P. DukeEmory CollegePsychology
Allen K. GarrisonEmory CollegePhysics
Frank ManleyEmory CollegeEnglish
Roger ShermanSchool of MedicineSurgery

1983 Recipients
Harvey E. KlehrEmory CollegePolitical Science
Don E. SaliersSchool of TheologyTheology and Worship
Arthur T. DietzBusiness SchoolFinance and Banking

1982 Recipients
Thomas S. BurnsEmory CollegeHistory
David J. GoldsmithEmory CollegeChemistry
Walter L. ShepardSchool of DentistryDentistry

1981 Recipients
Trevor EvansEmory CollegeMathematics
Thomas R. FlynnEmory CollegePhilosophy
William MallardSchool of TheologyChurch History

1980 Recipients
R.A. Day Jr.Emory CollegeChemistry
Kathleen G. WallaceSchool of NursingNursing

1979 Recipients
Floyd C. WatkinsEmory CollegeEnglish
William D. FergusonSchool of LawLaw

1978 Recipients
Leon MandellEmory CollegeChemistry
Charles W. SewellSchool of MedicinePathology

1977 Recipients
Irwin T. Hyatt Jr.Emory CollegeHistory
Gary A. LuomaBusiness SchoolBusiness

1976 Recipients
Phillip H. DreyerEmory CollegePsychology
J. Harvey YoungEmory CollegeHistory

1975 Recipients
Bevan K. YouseEmory CollegeMathematics
George V. PrylesSchool of DentistryDentistry

1973 Recipients
Robert H. RohrerEmory CollegePhysics

1972 Recipients
Jack S. BoozerEmory CollegeReligion