What We Do

The Office of Undergraduate Affairs is guided by several principles in our efforts to enhance the student experience: elevating faculty-student engagement; emphasizing academics in co-curricular and community-building efforts; using data to inform our efforts; and creating collaborative engagements across the university. Our five focus areas are:

Student Success

The Office of Undergraduate Affairs creates and supports an excellent undergraduate student experience by prioritizing student success. All students should make healthy academic progress to satisfy their degree requirements and graduate in four years. We collaborate with school and unit representatives to ensure a student centric focus than enables all students to benefit from the wealth of academic offerings at Emory. By proactively working with offices throughout campus, the OUA ensures that students thrive in and out of the classroom with the support they need. We support our First-Generation students through our Our First Generation Faculty Committee and by hosting the Emory FLI Committee which works to ensure equity across campus.

Faculty-Student Engagement

We recognize the value of faculty engagement in all facets of undergraduate life at Emory. To that end, we work with faculty from the undergraduate schools to ensure faculty input in matters related to academic pathways, policies and procedures, data analysis, issues of equity, mentoring and spirit and traditions. We encourage faculty-student dialogue through the Dining at the DCT program.

Retention - Graduation

In partnership with other units we analyze student attrition data and connect regularly with students to learn more about their experiences at Emory. This information, coupled with data collection throughout students’ four years, allow us to bolster Emory’s retention strengths while addressing issues impacting students’ ability to succeed.

Seamless Pathways

We foster alignment between Emory’s undergraduate schools—Emory College, Oxford College, Goizueta Business School, and Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing—to ensure a coherent experience for all students. We collaborate closely with the Associate Deans, Campus Life, Admissions, and other partners across campus to remove barriers, streamline policies and processes, and facilitate contributions from different campus entities.

Student Experience

We are committed to ensuring that Emory undergraduates have a rich, fulfilling, and equitable experience from applicants to alumni. We identify and support initiatives throughout the university that foster community, enrich the liberal arts curriculum, and equip students for robust opportunities post-graduation. We proudly sponsor Emory’s Common Reading programs, receptions, and other events for first-generation students, pre-orientation pilots connecting students with the Atlanta area, and high-profile speaking engagements with relevant authors and intellectuals.