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The Office of Undergraduate Affairs is responsible for ensuring that all our undergraduate students flourish from the time they arrive on campus to the time they graduate. We are guided by research that confirms that in order to persist in college, students need at least one strong relationship with a faculty member and a “sense of self efficacy, a sense of belonging on the campus, and perceive[d] value in the curriculum” (Tinto, 2016). 

With the goal of improving student success, we focus explicitly on faculty engagement in the undergraduate experience, invest attention to retention and graduation, help students grow through meaningful connections with peers and faculty, and strengthen collaborations and partnerships across campus to foster seamless pathways for students.

In order to realize Emory’s mission, we work closely with deans and associate deans of the undergraduate schools, Campus Life leadership, faculty, our Residence Life colleagues and the faculty in residence, first generation students, and with our student leaders of governance organizations through the Undergraduate Student Leadership Council.

Key Focus Areas

  • Student success
  • Support for first generation students
  • Equity, in part through our work with the American Talent Initiative
  • Faculty engagement in student life
  • Creating and supporting seamless pathways across the undergraduate experience
  • Collaborations to support proactive advising
  • Cross-school and cross-cohort educational experiences
  • Common Reading Experiences

American talent Initiative

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Heather Mugg

Associate Vice Provost

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Marybeth Smith

Associate Director

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