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Strategic Thinking

Emory University is pursuing a new strategic planning process designed to align the university's strengths and opportunities in advancing its vision and mission for the next decade.

Provost Dwight A. McBride is leading the current strategic planning phase, which is refining the university's strategic pillars and defining an aspiration and strategic goals. These efforts are expanding on the emerging strategic priorities identified during the recent community-based process called "Thinking + Acting Strategically," the Presidential Selection Process, and Dialogue Sessions hosted by President Claire E. Sterk in early 2017. Sterk and McBride are co-chairs of a steering committee guiding the strategic planning process.

The new strategic plan will build on Emory's academic strengths while also challenging community members -- faculty, staff, students, and alumni -- to continue translating those strengths into meaningful acts of leadership and service in the world. The outcome will call for clear goals and resolute actions and initiatives designed to achieve the highest order of excellence in academic research and scholarship.


The output of this planning process is expected to include a 10-year aspiration with specific goals and targets, a portfolio of strategic initiatives that Emory can pursue in the next 3 to 5 years, and a high-level roadmap to implement the strategic initiatives.

  • The current phase is expected to extend into early 2018, followed by implementation.
  • Additional details regarding implementation will be defined during this process and will be available after the Board of Trustees' approval in February 2018.
2015 - 2017
2017 - 2018
Collect university-wide input from Emory community Develop initial fact base and 10-year aspiration plan Approve final plan with Board of Trustees
Define strategic goals with clear targets Implement new strategic plan
Develop initiatives and roadmap for implementation

Key Stakeholders

Strategic plan leaders currently are reaching out to key university stakeholders, including governance groups, the alumni board, and student leaders, to gain insight and input on the goals and initiatives, and to keep the community updated on progress. A more detailed overview of the stakeholder groups and chartered committees is outlined below.

Chartered Committees

Steering Committee
  • Claire Sterk | Co-Chair
  • Dwight McBride | Co-Chair
  • Jon Lewin
  • Chris Augostini
Executive Liaisons
  • Claire Sterk
  • Dwight McBride
  • Ajay Nair
  • Lisa Tedesco
Advisory Committee
  • Ajay Nair | Co-Chair
  • Lisa Tedesco | Co-Chair
  • Mike Andrechak
  • Susan Cruse
  • Vince Dollard
  • Allison Dykes
  • Michael Elliott
  • Douglas Hicks
  • Jen Hobbs
  • Erika James
  • Carol Kissal
  • Michael Kloss
  • Lanny Liebeskind
  • Paul Marthers
  • David Payne
  • Dane Peterson
  • Steve Sencer
  • Gary Teal
Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Jason Schneider | Chair
  • Carol Anderson
  • Catherine Bagwell
  • Jesse Bockstedt
  • Doug Bowman
  • Teresa Fry Brown
  • Deborah Bruner
  • Michael Davis
  • Mary Dudziak
  • Sandra Dunbar
  • Rich Freer
  • Kimberly Jacob-Arriola
  • Cathryn Johnson
  • Robert Liu
  • Sarah McPhee
  • Carolyn Meltzer
  • Venkat Narayan
  • Nancy Newman
  • Nichole Powell
  • Jonathan Strom
  • Michael Zwick

Existing Governance Bodies

Board of Trustees
University Senate Executive Committee
  • Henry Bayerle | President
  • Paul Ficklin-Alred
  • Marlon Gibson
  • Deena Keeler
  • Mark Neufeld
  • Ben Palmer
  • Kelli Pittman
  • Jason Schneider
  • Gurbani Singh
  • Kristin Wendland
Council of Deans
  • Yolanda Cooper
  • James Curran
  • Michael Elliott
  • Douglas Hicks
  • James Hughes
  • Erika James
  • Jan Love
  • Linda McCauley
  • Vikas Sukhatme
  • Lisa Tedesco
Student Leaders
  • SGA student leaders
  • GSCA student leaders
  • Resident advisers
  • Orientation leaders
  • Advisory Board
  • Cultural groups
Emory Alumni Board Executive Committee