Dashboard - Fall Student Enrollment

This dashboard displays the following data regarding students enrolled at Emory University for the fall 2019 academic year: “Quick Facts,” an executive summary showing, for example, total student enrollment as well as gender distribution and other markers; “Enrollment by Plan,” which shows the academic program and percentages of enrolled students in each; “Enrollment Five-year Trends,” which displays data over five years (ending in 2019) based on enrollment metrics (i.e., academic load, first-generation, race/ethnicity, etc.), academic career (the student’s school or college at Emory), and degree-seeking status; “Enrollment by State,” which provides the same filters as “Enrollment Five-year Trends” with the addition of state data; “Enrollment by Country,” which shows international student enrollment by country; “Student Credit Hour Distribution,” which displays total credit hours, cumulative credit hours, headcount, cumulative headcount, and percent of headcount, with additional filters for academic career and degree-seeking status. A second “Student Credit Hour Distribution” tab relays the same data through bar graphs.