Emeritus Faculty

Emory honors retiring faculty members with emeritus status. The university engages their continued participation through the Emeritus College.

Emeritus Faculty: 2018

Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Rebecca Stone BaileyProfessor Emerita of Art History
Steven BattersonProfessor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Oded BorowskiProfessor Emeritus of Biblical Archaeology and Hebrew
Leroy DavisAssociate Professor Emeritus of African American Studies and History
Fereydoon FamilySamuel Candler Dobbs Professor Emeritus of Physics
Nicholas G. FotionProfessor Emeritus of Philosophy
Michael W. GilesFuller E. Callaway Professor Emeritus of Political Science
George HentschelProfessor Emeritus of Physics
Alexander M. HicksProfessor Emeritus of Sociology
Dalia JudovitzNational Endowment of the Humanities Professor Emerita of French
John Anthony LennonProfessor Emeritus of Music
Kristin MannProfessor Emerita of History
Kieran Barnett MooreLecturer Emeritus of Art History
Gay RobinsSamuel Candler Dobbs Professor Emerita of Art History
Walter ReedWilliam Rand Kenan Jr. University Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature
Richard RubinsonProfessor Emeritus of Sociology
William SizeProfessor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences
Theophus "Thee" SmithAssociate Professor Emeritus of Religion
Nagueyalti WarrenProfessor Emerita of Pedagogy
J. Lynn ZimmermanProfessor Emerita of Biology

Oxford College
Evelyn BaileyProfessor Emerita of Mathematics
Stephen HendersonProfessor Emeritus of Geology
Clark LemonsProfessor Emeritus of English
Michael McQuaideProfessor Emeritus of Sociology
Theodosia WadeProfessor Emerita of Biology

School of Medicine
Cynthia CohenProfessor Emerita of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Doyt LaDean ConnProfessor Emeritus of Medicine
Miles K. CrowderAssociate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Carl J. D'OrsiProfessor Emeritus of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Jacque Edgar DionProfessor Emeritus of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Paul W. DoetschProfessor Emeritus of Biochemistry
Douglas Charles EatonProfessor Emeritus of Physiology and Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics
Arthur Jackson Fountain Jr.Associate Professor Emeritus of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Ghaleb A. GhaniAssociate Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology
Eric G. HonigProfessor Emeritus of Medicine
Leonard Lee HowellProfessor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
James M. HughesProfessor Emeritus of Medicine
William C. HuttonProfessor Emeritus of Orthopaedics
Zoher F. KapasiProfessor Emeritus of Rehabilitation Medicine
Phyllis Ellen KozarskyProfessor Emerita of Medicine
Douglas W. Lowery-NorthAssociate Professor Emeritus of Emergency Medicine
Helen S. MaybergProfessor Emerita of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Louis Gerard MartinProfessor Emeritus of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Laura Ellen PatrickAssociate Professor Emerita of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Grace K. PavlathProfessor Emerita of Pharmacology
Paul M. PlotskyProfessor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Stephen Russ PriceProfessor Emeritus of Medicine
Peter S. SebelProfessor Emeritus of Anesthesiology
Charles Whitaker SewellProfessor Emeritus of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Keith D. WilkinsonProfessor Emeritus of Biochemistry
George E. WrightAssociate Professor Emeritus of Orthopaedics

Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
Ann ConnorClinical Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing
Jennifer W. FosterClinical Professor Emerita of Nursing
Lynn SibleyProfessor Emerita of Nursing
Judith Lupo WoldClinical Professor Emerita of Nursing

Rollins School of Public Health
Ruth L. BerkelmanEmerita Rollins Professor of Public Health Preparedness and Epidemiology
David G. KleinbaumProfessor Emeritus of Epidemiology
John E. McGowan Jr.Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology

Candler School of Theology
M. Patrick GrahamLibrarian and Margaret A. Pitts Professor Emeritus of Theological Bibliography