Provost's Checklist

Format for Faculty Promotion and Tenure Dossiers

Please ensure that all materials in the dossier follow the exact order listed in each part. | Download PDF version (Last updated: September 2016)

Part I

Cover sheet that includes:

  • Full name of the candidate (including terminal degree)
  • Candidate's current rank and title
  • School
  • Candidate's proposed rank and title and proposed effective date (must be either "September 1" of the following academic year or "upon approval of the Board")
  • Assessment of research, teaching and service and the basis on which candidate is being proposed for promotion and tenure

Dean's letter that includes:

  • Introductory paragraph with recommendation, candidate's name, proposed rank, and effective date (must be either "September 1" of the following academic year or "upon approval of the Board"). Faculty members who arrive prior to the approval by the Board shall carry the title of Acting (Associate) Professor.
  • Process/chronology paragraph summarizing the appointment/review process
  • External reviewers paragraph
  • Candidate's background
    • Candidate's broad field and subfield, evidence of whether or not these fields continue to be intellectually vibrant and promising of important contributions
    • Candidate's contribution to the discipline's ongoing intellectual agenda and how these contributions connect to the vision and strategic plan of the academic unit and Emory University
  • Issues in faculty committee report
  • When applicable, issues in the department chair's report
  • Dean's critical perspective and independent recommendation which includes an assessment of candidate, a brief description of the cohort within which the candidate was evaluated, candidate's credentials, candidate's teaching, research and service, and candidate's career trajectory. Also should include the value of the candidate to the unit and the university; as well as the candidate's expected trajectory going forward.
  • Letter from school-based committee to the dean (where applicable)
  • Letter from department chair/division to the dean (where applicable)
  • One-page summary curriculum vitae
  • External reviewers
    • Copy of solicitation letter to external reviewers
    • Copy of the school's most recent promotion and tenure guidelines from the unit-based Handbook that was shared with the external reviewers
    • Six letters from external reviewers, including the signed External Reviewer Form. The External Reviewer Form should precede each external reviewer letter.
    • Brief biographical description of each reviewer and relationship to candidate
    • If applicable, letters from internal reviewers
  • Candidate's personal statement (maximum of five pages) on research, teaching, and service
  • Candidate's full CV

Part II

  • Teaching (evaluations and related materials) and service dossier (service activities and related materials)
  • Copy of the selected scholarly work submitted to external reviewers

Part III

Part IV

  • Dean's letter and candidate's one-page CV